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  1. Excelsior

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Also, more choices in missions : kill or let live / betrayals, etc... Maybe also a simple RPG system characteristics (fallout-like ie)
  2. Excelsior

    Controls bug : Horning while driving

    Well, I can but maybe it's bound to my hardware or whatever parameter I didn't think about. I guess I could find sleep even if I don't find the answer. PS : The smart ass just asked a question about a "controls configuration possibly-bug" and you try to sell him a Xbox gamepad... Don't be too hard on me.
  3. Excelsior

    Controls bug : Horning while driving

    Okay, I hope you'd buy me one for christmas. You're too sweet man ! Seriously. I don't like playing with gamepads, that's why.
  4. Excelsior

    Problems with the game..

    Did you tried to load the game being disconnected from the Rockstar Game Social Club ? That black screen appears first whilst the game downloads some crappy web page, maybe that'll help you.
  5. Hi guys. I've remarked some strangie there. As told in the title, when I horn (key G), I can no longer Accelerate (Up arrow) and turn left (left arrow). The controls are doing ok when I want to go to the right. I suppose that's a bug or is this related to my controls configuration ? Anyone has experienced that ? I'd like to know before annoying RS with that little bug
  6. If you want my advice (only if you want it), you should try to play and unlock yourself the game. I know... That's sound crazy, but some frightening-minded people actually do it...