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  1. Wow Ruud, I'm sorry you had such negative experiences. I've sent email and attachments to T2, not heard back yet .. I was getting some kind of picture at first but it was a lil sketchy, so I tried changing settings & it has been way messt up since.. See here http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/189/gtash1copyel7.jpg http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/8364/gtash2copysi7.jpg Nothing can I do to change the settings to make it any different, at the beginning of the game, all I see is the car taillights and everything is blue water & pieces of things .. Your system sounds very similar to mine, I have a 9600 GT 512MB and the latest drivers, DX 10, Vista Premium and 2GB BUT the game label on my box says recommended settings, XP 2GB, Vista 2.5GB, (graphics Nvid 8600 & our cards are better than that so) now I've been thinking is it just cuz I dont have that extra .5GB+ .. I've been finding alotta ppl have 4GB mem so maybe it is system mem, I'm hoping to hear back from T2.. I've also been abit tickt by the fact of having to do all that busy work too, registrations, sign into WLive JUST to save, that dogon social club sign in never fails to pop up and reports messages in-game, that is awful, I understand for online play but not if we jus want to play offline we can't even save w/ out sign-in.. INteresting I never seen any of those as requirements mentioned b4 the game was released, it was about graphics, the editor etc.. I wish they'd gave us the full story on that sign-in business, if they did someplace, I simply never saw it in all the reviews posted by popular mags/sites. I liked the VC & SA, load/play/save.. thats it. Its still my fav game, I jus hope I can fix whatever is causing those problems ... Hi Mehhh, The pictures certainly look weird and never seen with my configuration. On this moment I’m somewhere else so I can’t check my video driver version number, but I downloaded my Nvidia driver 2 weeks ago. I can not imagine that the internal memory gives this video problem. The only main difference is I’m running the game on Windows XP. When the game is started there is a total mem of 1.3GB in use. I know Vista use a lot more memory than XP. Maybe there is someone here who can tell us how much mem is in use on Vista when the game is started. For the people who don’t know how to check: just start the game, play it, and hit the ALT-TAB and open windows Task-Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL).
  2. Hi there, After waiting for many years on GTAIV for the PC I installed it. It took me 1 hour, and after several online registrations I restarted my PC and the game crashed and getting error code mma10. And this is the only thing Rockstar can say about it??? “We are aware that a small number of fans are having problems running GTA IV on their PC’s” This is bullsh*t. All we can see is a overload of GTA form messages of users with the same problems. “We would ask anyone that is encountering difficulties to contact their local technical support helpline for advice” In my case this was not possible. I called a 0900 number (0,80 euro p/m) and after 20 minutes a lady told me all support guys are in a congress or something. This phone call cost me 16 euro! I send a email to the UK support, and still no answer. “There is also a regularly updated technical support page available on the Rockstar Games website” I go to that website, and searching for the error code mma10 and without any result. Error mma10 is the biggest problem that many users have. They must know it, why is there still no solution? It looks this PC game is not good tested. If you have a Windows XP/Vista version with a other language than standard, the install dialog and buttons are empty! By the way, it looks like you need a mega PC to run the game. I have a Dualcore 2400 (2GB mem) and Geforce 9600 and it runs, but with the game quality on mid. I have installed windows XP SP3 on a complete clean machine with. Games as Tomb raider or Need for Speed Undercover I can run on the highest resolution without any problems.
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