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  1. Been playing for about 6hrs in total now...

    Yeah it is pretty easy to be fair... It's good that you can't just beat every mission with guns blazing this time round though. That used to be the case with GTA3 VC & SA but the enemies have got a lot more accurate over the years so you need to take your time - I especially loved the rescuing Roman mission that I've just finished! That was reall great fun! After playing it a tiny bit on my friends xBox, it's SO much easier controlling the crosshair with the mouse!!!... Quick and accurate headshots make life a lot easier for some missions! Nowrich boy eh Scott? Small world! I live at North Walsham! (Well, near there anyway)
  2. Been playing for about 6hrs in total now...

    Yup... Been doing a few of those missions... I'm loving the way in which the storyline is so intertwined. Despite the fact that those little one/two off missions aren't really part of the overall main missions, they still link in with them through the conversations you have while driving to places etc... Kudos to the writers!!
  3. Ok, so, I've been playing now for a few hours... I'm on the second island now and done a few missions for Playboy, all the missions for Elezabeta, and now doing a few for Packie , etc so still a long way to go... BUT, there's a few things that are really starting to annoy me... Thought I'd share my annoyances/thoughts with you all... 1) The handling/suspension of all cars is REALLY getting on my nerves!!! The physics is absolutely diabolical! To be fair it's been the same in all 3D style GTA titles as far as i'm concerned... It's especially noticable when you take off and the wheels fold in on themselves under the car! Also, even the cheapest of cars don't roll around corners like they do in GTA! I really wish Rockstar spend time looking at physics for GTA V... 2) The camera is SHOCKING!!! I'm am getting so FED UP with having to adjust the camera wth the mouse when either facing the wrong way or trying to drive around a corner!! The camera needs to move behind the car MUCH faster... It would even be nice if it moved slightly when turning a corner... i.e. If you start going left, the camera pans left a little too... Something else I seriously hope Rockstar think about for future GTAs... I can't remember it ever being this bad in GTA SA... 3) leads me nicely on to my next thing... As great as Liberty City is, I still prefered the concept of GTA SA with the country and city areas... and the small towns and farms etc... It was just so much more of an immersive gaming experience... I used to love flying the Jump Jet across the desert and through the monument valley etc... I hope they bring that type of game world to GTA V... 4) Is there not a parachute in GTA IV like GTA SA? That's such a shame if that's the case... I loved base jumping off things in GTA SA and it would have been awesome to BaseJump off the Empire State Building!! 5) Oh yeah... That the HELL is going on with the "intelligence" of other road users?!?! They constantly swerve in front of you for absolutely no reason at all!!! They also don't get out of the way properly (like they used to) when you're got sirens going... They also just get randomly stuck EVERYWHERE!! - especially sharp junctions... This is definitely one step backwards... They never seemed to be as bad in GTA SA! 6) Helicopter physics AND control is absolutely DIABOLICAL!! It was SO much better in GTA SA... 7) Finally, another camera issue... It's SO annoying when trying to take cover by a wall in a small space... The camera has a tendency to go nuts and move all over the place!! It was especailly a problem in the Snow Storm mission in the old Hospital I thought... It would make so much more sense if they just went to a sort of "first point of view" camera for when you're up against a wall... then use, say, "z" and "c" to lean out or something... Much like other first person shooter games... I think that's all i've got gripe with at the moment... I can't fault the actual story etc of the game. Don't get me wrong, I do think it's brilliant! But I do feel that Rockstar have taken many advanced steps forward but also some major steps back too! GTA SA is still better in my point of view and I think R* should sit down and look at that again while making GTA V (or maybe they might even be thinking about GTA VI by now?!) Who knows!! Feel free to discuss any of the above! It would be interesting to know if it's just me or if I've got at least some valid points in that lot!! Ben
  4. Rockstar talks GTA IV technical problems

    Personally, after reading that interview/conference call, I've got a little bit more respect for the developers... (only a little mind you) I just really wish they spent more time in trying to iron out all the major (and quite frankly schoolboy) errors that have been coming through so quickly. I realise it's nigh on impossible to thoroughly test every possible combination of PC setup, but they are effectively using us all as beta testers! (or should we be called Gamma testers?!?! ) Does that mean I can claim my £30 back?? Seriously though, I'm glad they have had the balls to front up to us all on what seems a pretty regular basis and are clearly working hard to sort everything ASAP. There's nothing worse than being kept out of the loop!! Right... Now speaking of beta testing, I want to be added to the GTA5 team! You never know, that might be running better than GTA4 already!! haha
  5. Hi there, Can anyone write a quick list of when to save the game so that you can easily go back and choose each "fate" path? Or, what would be absolutely brilliant... does it even let you save the game before you have to make the decisions? I want to be able to play out every path but not have to start right from the very beginning! I've already had to choose if that bloke hanging off the roof lives or dies... I chose to let him live - Have no idea what that means for the future of the game though!!! I wish I'd saved the game before that mission though... List would be so helpful!! Thanks
  6. Hey there, I know that Rockstar have already been mentioning the problems with apparently "sensitive" mice and the bowling mini game... I've just found out that I've got this problem and I use an ORIGINAL Intellimouse Explorer!!! Surely that's not a sensitive mouse is it?!?!? So far, I've not seen or read anything about problems with other mini games, but I'm also having problems with Pool.... Basically, I think that any mini game that uses the "back and forwards" movement to control the game... Darts seems fine... Mouse works fine everywhere else too I might add... Thanks!
  7. GTA4 Rocks now I've got it working! :o)

    Yup, I had a QuadroFX 4500 before. It's an amazing card for CAD/3D apps but absolutely hates games... I had the same problem with Half-Life: Episode 1 last year. I managed to solve that game because they included a command line that let you run it in Directx8 mode... GTA needs v9.0c (or v10 if you're running vista) When I was running the QuadroFX, I had EXACTLY the same problems with graphics... Buildings weren't there, Polygons kept flashing, there was no water, the whole game was slow and juddery... there was also no HUD or in game menu! (so saving was an issue! - I only managed to exit because i remembered what the menu system looks like from the xBox version! re: Your specs, I don't think there shouldn't be any problem running the game on that spec... I know it's a really condesending question because I'm sure you have done it, but have you made absolutely sure that ALL your drivers have been updated? Even the trivial ones like your soundcard and network card etc? (I had major problems with GTA SA and it turned out it was my soundcard!) Also, are you running AMD or Intel? If it's AMD, I reccomend downloading the optimiser from their website. I can't remember the exact addrss but it shoudn't be hard to find from amd.com... If you're running Intel, I'm sure they will do something similar too! Oh, another thing, make sure you update DirectX straight from the MS website. I've noticed that if you let the GTA IV install try and update it for you, it still misses out a couple of remedial updates. I don't know if it has an effect on the game, but anything is worth a try! As far as I can see, there's absolutely no point to social club!! All those achievement things go through Live! (which I'm also pissed off that you have to sign in to even collect the achievements etc...) The only glimmer of hope I can see from logging in to all these things, is that I wonder if we'll be able to multiplay with xBox 360 users?? It would be worth while if that was the case, but I can't find anything about whether or not it's possible?!? Does anyone know if it can be done? To be honest, I think the chances that your game is corrupt is very slim indeed! Id you're a D/L copy or shop bought? If it's D/L then obviously there could have been a chance that it was corrupt while D/Ling, but you will be allowed to D/L it again at no charge if that's the case (well you SHOULD be allower. I know D2D will let you...) I must admit, my copy is a D/L from Direct2Drive and I'm never going to do it again... It' so much quicker/easier to drive to the shops! Ahh... you've posted before I finished my reply! Glad you've got it working! It's looking good too... I'll post some screens from mine when I get a chance!
  8. GTA4 Rocks now I've got it working! :o)

    Oh now don't be like that! Don't get me wrong... I'm still FURIOUS (like many others) about the horrible install, the STUPID club shit, the HUGELY annoying Live! shit, the total lack of cohearant answers from Rockstar about all game issues, the undeniable fact that this game really wasn't ready for release to the PC this month and have sold out to christmas pressure... BUT... I now that I've got it working (and still looking better than the xBox 30 version I might add) the story is once again a total masterpeice... As i said before, i just can't weit for some decent updates to make it the game it is really capable ofbeing... At the moment, I give it 7.5/10... But there's still potential to make it 9.5/10... (I can never give it 10 due to the reasons listed above!)
  9. Hi everyone! Right, this is a follow-up from my quick post yesterday... I've now got the new 9800 GTX+ installed and the game runs like a dream (well, performance wise anyway!) My biggest bug with the game now is that it's clearly been a rushed conversion!!!! You can clearly that in, some places, polygons & textures don't fit properly... It's little things like that that really annoy the hell out of me. I think that, for now, I'll stick with 1280x1024 and medium graphics and medium texture Poor show rockstar... I just hope the gameplay makes up for it! (expereince of playing it for a couple of days on a friends xBox means it will!!) GTA SA was perfection... this won't be until they start patching it! My Hardware: Hardware TYAN S2982 MoBo Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor 270 Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor 270 4GB (4x1GB - Split 2x1GB between each CPU) DDR 400 PC3200 Corsair RAM Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ Audio Adapter: SB Live! 24-bit Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 --------------------------------------- Statistics Average FPS: 31.42 Duration: 37.30 sec CPU Usage: 55% System memory usage: 66% Video memory usage: 97% Graphics Settings Video Mode: 1280 x 1024 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: Medium Render Quality: High View Distance: 25 Detail Distance: 37 --------------------------------------- Statistics Average FPS: 32.75 Duration: 37.25 sec CPU Usage: 63% System memory usage: 62% Video memory usage: 89% Graphics Settings Video Mode: 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: Medium Render Quality: Very High View Distance: 30 Detail Distance: 40 --------------------------------------- Statistics Average FPS: 32.45 Duration: 37.10 sec CPU Usage: 61% System memory usage: 64% Video memory usage: 91% Graphics Settings Video Mode: 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: Medium Render Quality: Highest View Distance: 30 Detail Distance: 40 --------------------------------------- Statistics Average FPS: 30.17 Duration: 37.59 sec CPU Usage: 65% System memory usage: 63% Video memory usage: 100% Graphics Settings Video Mode: 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: High Render Quality: High View Distance: 25 Detail Distance: 35 --------------------------------------- Average FPS: 28.43 Duration: 37.32 sec CPU Usage: 66% System memory usage: 60% Video memory usage: 100% Graphics Settings Video Mode: 1280 x 1024 (60 Hz) Texture Quality: High Render Quality: Highest View Distance: 30 Detail Distance: 40 ---------------------------------------
  10. Retarted Benchmarks

    Urgh... That's nuts... Goes to show that either their benchmarking isn't up to scratch or there's some really REALLY screwed up programming in there somewhere! I don't think there's a simple answer to the "will it or won't it work" question. Or even how well will it work... I'm just going to be happy to get it playing at a decent framerate and better gfx level than the xBox/PS3!! Interesting to note that IF these benchmarks are accurate, then regardless of GFX levels used, the CPU is only being used about 50%!!!!!! It's relying too much on the GPU... I think this game is crying out for SLI! I read somewhere on here that there will be a patch coming for an SLI setup... I don't think anyone is going to see the game in it's full glory until that happens!
  11. Hi Guys, New poster, but from what I've read so far, this forum looks ace! I bought GTA4 yesterday (wednesday) and, surprise surprise, didn't get it working properly at all... I put it down to the fact that my current GFX card (A PNY QuadroFX 4500) isn't suitable... It's designed for CAD/CAM/3D apps, not games... I had the same problem with Half-Life: Episode 1 last year but solved that by running the game in Directx 8 mode - something that appears to not be available for GTA4! So... I've bought a new GFX card today... An EVGA GeForce 9800GTX+ - I'm hoping it'll do the job... As for the rest of the system, some of it is listed in it's basic form below! I'll let you know the results either way by about 13:00 GMT tomorrow!!! TYAN Dual CPU MoBo Pair of AMD Opteron 200s - (So effectively a total of 8GHz ish) 4GB CORSAIR RAM (Although am running XP Pro 32 so only 3.6GB being used) Can't remember the exact type of RAM off the top of my head though... Will check when I get back to the office tomorrow... (yeah I'm allowed to have my gaming PC at work!) 2x320GB SATAII Maxtor HDDs 2x120GB SATAII Maxtor HDDs