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  1. Slyde

    Time flies like a bloody jet

    Oh hi guys. Unfortunately reddit has replaced all my source of news and discussion.
  2. Slyde

    TGTAP Mobile Website Launched

    Looks great on my S2
  3. Slyde

    Apologies for my absence

    I forgive you
  4. Slyde

    How long can you last without fapping

    A bit late for a reply but I too participate in a challenges such as these. My friends and I call it "The Fapping Contest". Sounds like the opposite thing but no. And yeah we also make the loser pay for food related products. We did a "No fap Febuary" but found that to be too difficult for us to handle. So we dropped it down to a 2 week thing.
  5. Slyde

    How long can you last without fapping

    If you don't masturbate, you'll wet dream every 2 weeks. (my experience)
  6. Slyde

    How long can you last without fapping

    Well, at least the ones i know of in RL. They can probably hold it till the end of the world. Bullshit. Every sexually active, healthy, mature girl masturbates. A lot of girls are embarrassed because of stupid societal reasons, people thinking they are dirty sluts and loose and the such. I am truly offended that you wrote that. (BTW this is all coming from and anti-feminist) When Spaz is at work and I didn't have cats watching my every move I averaged about two to three times a day. It's not because we don't have sex, it just puts you in a better mood and lowers your stress levels. Now I just do it when I take a shower without Spaz. It is very hard for girls who don't masturbate to enjoy sex at all, you have to be comfortable with yourself first and know what you like. So in other words if your girl says she doesn't masturbate, never really masturbated, and she loves what you are doing, she is lying about one of them, or you are god's gift to women. Also men who claim they don't masturbate are full of shit, have wet dreams, are a male hooker, or last about five minutes in bead (15 minutes of slow boring sex with 30-40 second breaks). Of course i was exaggerating to prove how weird they are. Also they think masturbation is disgusting. Maybe i'm just too young.
  7. Slyde

    How long can you last without fapping

    Well, at least the ones i know of in RL. They can probably hold it till the end of the world.
  8. Slyde

    Episodes From Liberty City Coming to PC and PS3

    Not trying to be dick here but it seems a bit late. I mean, i'd want to play some bioshock 2 or mass effect or some mafia 2 now. Not some new missions for a game made 2 years ago.
  9. Babies/toddlers can't post! :o

  10. Hey baby Slyde, happy 2nd bday! :P

  11. Slyde

    Political Beliefs

    I have not read anyone else's posts yet but these are my views. In Australia there are too many people lazy people that do not work and suck money off the benefit/financial program. This was one of the reasons why our economy grew slower compared to other "wealthy" countries in the world. Now it's growing fast because of our trades with China but that is a different story. China does not have these benefit programs, thus forcing many to work which in turn creates a strong economy. I like to support the environment as much as i can so I'm all for it. Laws MUST be separate from religious views. As good as the morals are, it is still unlogical thinking/close minded/retarted/bad reasoning. For the government bit, it really depends on what the citizens and government officials are like. Stupid citiziens will make retarted decisions and stupid government officials will make stupid decisions. USA for example has lots of close minded/retarted citizens who may vote against/protest about things that are good for them. As a democratic country, the government no matter how smart has to comply. In China, the government officials (i say) are pretty smart and make good decisions. Of course there, no idiots can protest against it. Even though it is good and a bad thing, right now it is the reason why they are becoming the next superpower. Basically its - Give power to the people, the smart ones.
  12. Slyde

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    Commercialized Christmas is good for the economy. Commercialized Christmas makes all the malls and streets real pretty. OR The "real, true" meaning of Christmas that commemorates the birth of a prophet that may or may not have existed that may or may not have been the son of a god that may or may not have existed. IMO the story of Santa Claus > the story about the birth if JC. Yes, how hip does JC sound.