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  1. ok so ive been thinkin lately and i have no modding experience what so ever. I do however want to have a little bit more of a jungle feeling in my game (i wonder why(. i have a few mods installed but i have not been able to find a single military vehicle or building mod(except for the big tunnel mod in little havanna). i just wanted to know if anyone had or could make a Vietnamese Ped or military vehicle mods. (civilian or military it dont matter)

    Thanks in advance,


  2. a meeting between past characters

    a female protaganist

    collectible items (like baseball cards)

    car lots

    choice of character

    customizable houses

    jobs (like workin at burger shot for 8 minutes)

    building houses on vacant lots and renting out said houses

  3. Is that last sig for you Laggy? If it is just copy this into your signature. You edit your signature from 'My Controls'.


    Thanks 901 :) Yeah Laggy, you don't want any changes in it ?

    If thats so, Just GoTO My controls>Edit Signature> paste the whole thing below in the text box :


    Thanks guys but there was another problem

    the error returned was:

    Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed

  4. So the game has been out for quite some time now, and i want to know. Did the game live up to its potential? What do you think will happen to CJ? How has this game affected lives? Were your predictions about the content fulfilled? What was your favorite myth? and generally how has the game impacted you?

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