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  1. about the cosplays emmet is black...

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    You in vietnam now son.....

    ok so ive been thinkin lately and i have no modding experience what so ever. I do however want to have a little bit more of a jungle feeling in my game (i wonder why(. i have a few mods installed but i have not been able to find a single military vehicle or building mod(except for the big tunnel mod in little havanna). i just wanted to know if anyone had or could make a Vietnamese Ped or military vehicle mods. (civilian or military it dont matter) Thanks in advance, Will
  3. yeah ive noticed this as well.
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    Hi guys

    like the new layout (it is new right? =S) hows everyone been?
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    Hi guys

    Thanx i know you probably wont remember what im talking about but did parents ever stop monitoring you on forum?
  6. So the game has been out for quite some time now, and i want to know. Did the game live up to its potential? What do you think will happen to CJ? How has this game affected lives? Were your predictions about the content fulfilled? What was your favorite myth? and generally how has the game impacted you?
  7. I deleted the wrong file while trying to install a mod and i now need the pizzaboy.dff file, i don't care if its a special mod or not but i need a replacement. Thanks, Will
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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    a meeting between past characters a female protaganist collectible items (like baseball cards) car lots choice of character customizable houses jobs (like workin at burger shot for 8 minutes) building houses on vacant lots and renting out said houses
  9. The Blueberry mystery - blue lights and red truck-sign What's going on in Blueberry? You might have noticed the empty building in Blueberry in Red County, with the blue light that glows inside at night. But have you discovered that there are a series of objects in and around Blueberry that shines blue in the night? It's some blue lights, so what? First of all, blue is the colour of Epsilon. In the Epsilon fax, one the testimonials is from John Ackerman in Blueberry, who states "...to find real meaning in wearing light blue and proclaiming my real religion". Wearing light blue could be hint about "blue light". Then there's the sign placed on the same lot as the building, saying "Truck terminal, Red County". It's the only sighting of the words "red" and "truck" in San Andreas, and could therefore be a reference about the red truck. From within the empty building south in Blueberry, you can see both the red truck-sign, and the bridge with blue light underneith (the red truck in the picture is just brought there). Standing on top of the building, you can also see both some barns at the nearby farm, which also has a blue glowing light at night, and a hillside with this strange light. Not all the barns have this blue light, and from that we can determine that the designers has chosen these barns to have a blue light inside on purpose, which could mean this has some meaning to it. The bridge overlays a dry pass, which also fits the instructions on how to join Epsilon - "Travel through the dawn to the pass pictured in our brochures.". Could this be the pass? If so, it should be a red truck close to Blueberry, but I haven't been able to find one (except from those driving around). There's logic to this; • The RED TRUCK and the PASS mentioned under "Join now!" on epsilonprogram.com • The testimonial of a man from Blueberry, speaking about wearing LIGHT BLUE • The sign in Blueberry with the words RED and TRUCK • The empty building in Blueberry with the BLUE light • The PASS with a bridge with BLUE LIGHT underneath • The BLUE LIGHT at the barns and the hillside • All these objects situated in BLUEberry • Blueberry is in RED County This could explain part of the mystery around the text on the epsilonprogram.com-website: Join us in something special and become one of the children of Kraff. Travel through the dawn to the pass pictured in our brochures. Look for a red truck with a dent on the right fender. Raise your left hand and recite the words: "Take me to to my father-father, brother-uncle. Kifflom." We'll do the rest. Because we all know, there is Kifflom and there is Krant, and both be praised. Blindfold required. If Blueberry is the place where some secret is hidden, and the blue light bridge is over the pass to travel through, we're closing in on something here. But we still miss a couple of things here; • Neither the pass, nor anything else from Blueberry is pictured in the brochure (booklet that follows the game) • Nobody has ever found a red truck any different from the other cars Also CJ cannot raise his arm or speak on command, and there's no blindfold in the game, but it's logical that this might be part of a cut scene if we first find the right car In the map, you can see how close these objects are to each other, like they're lined up on purpose. There are a few other places around San Andreas that lights at night, but these are the only place with several lighted objects. There are only a few other places with blue lights, but not of this kind, they're more like the cult farm, closed buildings with blue windows at night. But the fact that the cult farm - the only defined Epsilon spot - has blue lighted windows at night, builds up under the theory that the blue lights has some meaning, and that they somehow are connected with the Epsilon cult. Beyond the barns, you can see a blue light in the steep hillside, like there was something lightening it up from inside. I've searched in the surroundings of Blueberry to find anything unusual, but the only unusual thing I have found, apart from the lights, is a gap in the hillside to the right of the lighted hillside. This gap in the hillside seems strange, as it is pretty square, with steep hillsides you can't get up even by foot. There is no reason for it be there, therefore it's close to think that is was placed there for a reason. So, what do you think? What would happen if you found the right red truck, and drove it around these locations? Have you got any more findings or theory's on this, please e-mail me! - myepsilon.org admin
  10. they come as i think em up, right now i need an ambulance that is a hummer with a medical symbol on the side, a patriot with a medical cross would work
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    Thanks it works
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    Thanks guys but there was another problem the error returned was: Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed
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    I know it sounds strange but How do i get it to work?
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    Thanks man you've made my day. Great work by the way
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    specific mods needed for project

    hell no it dont work. i edited the lines and it took the ambulance outta the game. now there arent any medics at all LoL
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    specific mods needed for project

    might as well give it a shot! OK it says the handling line is incorrect BUT someone could make a line for me. if anyone could do that i would be very grateful or i could make one myself
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    How was GTASA to you?

    Thanks for the answers guys. (Dont feel bad huckle, my 5 year old nephew is always spawned a monster and taught to do driveby's but if it ever happens in real life... im toast)
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    RATE Person above you

    Av: 2.1 Sig:6 Person:8.7
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    Hydra Weapons

    I never knew there was a missile. Just the bait
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    Mission " The Black Project " Problem

    like MrLlama said it might be a cheat or maybe you tried to mod the game and it is messing with your mission scripts
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    Why don't you ever visit the homepage?

    i never knew there WAS members page and we already have what i was talking about
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    Why don't you ever visit the homepage?

    Well i geuss someone thought it was a good idea after all...
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    Why don't you ever visit the homepage?

    well what im saying is if you had a page, with all our members names, the countries they came from ect. we would get more attention from the search engines.
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    San Andreas Stunt

    It says at the top, Video Edit Magic Trail Version so it isn't real