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  1. Thanks for informing me, mate! Lol, I dunno how I didn't notice in an year! xD

  2. about the cosplays emmet is black...

  3. ok so ive been thinkin lately and i have no modding experience what so ever. I do however want to have a little bit more of a jungle feeling in my game (i wonder why(. i have a few mods installed but i have not been able to find a single military vehicle or building mod(except for the big tunnel mod in little havanna). i just wanted to know if anyone had or could make a Vietnamese Ped or military vehicle mods. (civilian or military it dont matter) Thanks in advance, Will
  4. Thanx i know you probably wont remember what im talking about but did parents ever stop monitoring you on forum?
  5. like the new layout (it is new right? =S) hows everyone been?
  6. laggynoob

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    a meeting between past characters a female protaganist collectible items (like baseball cards) car lots choice of character customizable houses jobs (like workin at burger shot for 8 minutes) building houses on vacant lots and renting out said houses
  7. I deleted the wrong file while trying to install a mod and i now need the pizzaboy.dff file, i don't care if its a special mod or not but i need a replacement. Thanks, Will
  8. Funny how he wants to mod VC, but says his favorite game is SA. Laggynoob is a Goodguy though.


  9. Thanks guys but there was another problem the error returned was: Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed
  10. I've noticed your grammar has improved and your punctuation is better. That's good :)

  11. I know it sounds strange but How do i get it to work?
  12. Thanks man you've made my day. Great work by the way
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