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    Hey...!!<br />Am RM and crazed hell in Graphics.<br />And PC softwares + windows <br />Love GTA it not because of its graphics but the way they control graphics + a huge game.WOW...!! <br /><br />So helping my dad with nViDiA so my Ideas are no limit and am searching a chance to spread it like a fatal flu.
  1. Hey! Was modding GTA 4 and my.. player_p.wdd got corrupted..anyone out there who would love to share their player_p.wdd..would be really great its in pedprops.img thanx a lot
  2. SLICK-R392

    I'll Take Her.....

    Ok! I seriously don't know. I click and click but the computer can't be accessed. And i can't go further with my missions
  3. SLICK-R392

    I'll Take Her.....

    Am still waiting. Hope someone helps
  4. SLICK-R392

    I'll Take Her.....

    If someone please try to help me out!ASAP
  5. SLICK-R392

    I'll Take Her.....

    Facing a prob in the mission! Gerrard's Mission-"I'll Take her...." In which i have to go a Cafe'! But while trying to access the computer it says press "E" to log on! And it keeps blinking nothing else happens can't get in the computer logged on! So if someone would rather help me with this sick situation! Just this mission! I would check youtube for further cut scenes SGTA410.rar
  6. Hey!! This time the prob is this Alice script as they instructed me I copied all the files to my GTA 4 directory & now my GTA 4 is refusing to open THX
  7. SLICK-R392

    Funnest vehicle

    Infernus (Mix of P.Zonda & Merciulago) It rox! But I prefer Super GT (Jaguar or can say Aston Martin) Is ma lucky ride!! Passed out many of my missions with Suoer GT!!
  8. SLICK-R392

    What mission are you currently at?

    GTA IV:FILE CLOSED 2 hours back But Din't Touch Those Races Of Brucie, Which I Though Would Be Necessary!!
  9. SLICK-R392

    Best character Of Gta San Andreas

  10. SLICK-R392

    Favorite GTAIV Car

    Sabre GT! The best in San Andreas so it is in GTA IV! The handling is one hell awesome.Good for mission other than races (Brucie)
  11. SLICK-R392

    Patched/Saved Games

    I am just about to patch GTA IV with GTA IV PC Patch v1.0.3.0 But after I patch my GTA IV. Would my saved games still work?
  12. SLICK-R392

    CJ's File [body] player.img

    Sorry!! for posting this thread here!!
  13. Could anyone tell me CJ's skin and other related CJ's body .img & .dff in player .img THX
  14. SLICK-R392


    Re-installing San Andreas should give you a new/fresh gta3.img
  15. SLICK-R392

    CLEO 3 (enterable houses)

    Which files. Those are included inside CLEO 3 ( when you install it )