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  1. Save it. Do one option, then go back and do the other like I did. Both good endings.
  2. If you're at 87.something mate I'd say thats about right. There are 200 pigeons and a lot of stunt jumps. I would say thats about right.
  3. Hi, Was clowning around earlier fight cops and getting chased etc and wondered how to get in the prison. Can it be done by landing the chopper inside? has anyone ever done this? gotta be worth a laugh!
  4. I'd say it's a connection thing. Not necessarily yours but I've had the same problem, been in cover and dies with one shot. VERY frustrating to say the least because you can guarantee it's when you've had to drive miles to pick up the Carbine rifle the as soon as you go to use it you get slain!
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