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  1. I have been hoping they would tie other games into GTA 4, you know like Dwayne has a Friend from San Andreas come in to help run his strip club and it ends up being CJ, or something of that nature. As Powerful as the Next Gen Systems are I wonder if other maps and areas would be available some day. I think it would be awesome to travel to past cities. I just wanna see everything tied in together, remember how nostaglic it was to go to Liberty City in San Andreas and it was snowing?(I think it was Liberty City anyway) Just Thinking Out Loud Ryan
  2. I've Never Downloaded any DLC on Xbox Live, I was wondering if I can still play through the game as Niko once I am done with the DLC game? I just finished accomplishing 100% on GTA 4 so it wouldnt be horrible but I would still like to play around if I wanted to. Anyone know if there is gonna be another list of accomplishments? Or More hidden packages and all that jazz? I didnt know Ryan
  3. Yea I feel stupid I needed to scroll down to ge to it LOL Thanks Ryan
  4. If all i have left to do is the Jumps and pigeons, shouldnt i be at a higher percent than 87.83 percent? Ryan
  5. Im going for 100%. I am at 87.83% and i was looking for all the random people, I am using the strategy guide to find them. I cant find Ivan or Clarence so I am assuming I killed them earlier in the game. Is this gonna screw up my 100% and the No More Strangers Achievement? I Hope Not. Can Anyone Help, because i only have this, the birds, the jumps, and girlfriends along with friend to get to like me 100% and i hate to start over Ryan
  6. I was saving the Brucie Car Missions until I finished the game. Somehow the email got deleted telling me what the first car, is that he wanted. Is there any way to get it back? I going for 100% and i need this to get it. I'll hate to start over but i think im gonna have to. I am hoping he will send me another one or something Anyone know? Thanks Ryan
  7. Yeah before you start GTA go to the dashboard and start a playlist then start the game it shouuld play whil its loading and continue to play the music while youre playing. The if you want to skip a song or change it just hit the xbox button on the controller and you have the controls i believe. I havent done it on GTA yet I always listen to music playing Dead Rising so I think it would be the same Ryan
  8. I was just wondering if anyone else gets irritated about people playing Multiplayer, and continously talk without saying anything of use? I just started playing for the first time a couple days ago and i just wanted to say I am tired of hearing people use racist terms non stop for no reason, people who just run off at the mouth with "your Momma" jokes for no reason what so ever, and people tha complain when you kill them in deathmatch. It also get old when someone says wanker 100 times non stop one after the other. If there was a point to it like riling someone up that you killed or talking trash I would understand but seriously this is what i heard for 20 min "Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker." I personally dont see a point to that or saying one racist term over and over in the same style. Now when i find a game where noone says anything, its like heaven. I will say though there are aot of people who arent like that, but there are alot of people who i think talk to just hear themselves make noise. Sorry if this post isnt useful I was just wondering if anyone else gets annoyed at this besides me? I know i could simply take my headset off, but I listen to see if there is anything useful someone might say since im a noob on multiplayer, or anything of that nature Just wondering if i am the only person that gets fed up with it? Ryan
  9. RyRyDaFlyGuy1 All i ever play is party mode but if someone wants to school me or just rack up some kills add me and message me ive had and xbox for about 1 1/2 years but im new to live, i never had the ambition to try it out Let me know Ryan
  10. i think you can get all the classics for like 25-30 at gameskank personally besides SA i cant play backward, in SA you can jump fences and small walls. As soon as i put in VC or 3 and i have to run around a wall i get frustrated. LOL If you want the full expirence and want to see how the games tie together(rare) get them all. If you just want one to play around on and get the most bang for your buck get SA Ryan
  11. the most important Hint or Tip i can give anyone is the most basic LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET!!!!!!!! i lose more health running around and getting hit by cars than anything else LOL oh and date the girls from love meet they carmen and KIKI have good bonuses once the like you enough. When they feel like helping Ryan
  12. SPOILERS!!!!!!!! Carmen give you a health Boost Soboho gives you the chance to get the cops off you Alexandria gives you a discount on clothes They dont always help though Ive noticed when i call they usually BS me around depending on what im doing Ryan
  13. I dont think I could ever buy it from Jacob. I might be mistaken i never got to finish the game because my save file screwed up. i was toward the end of the game working with Gerrald but i think i still had to buy it from tthe gunshops i think. Im not positive though, but i know i could get everything else from Jacob maybe i hadnt made it far enough in the game Ryan
  14. Ive noticed there are a few cluckin bell's and burger shots that are closed and there are some diners you cant go into. I was wondering if they ever open up in the game? Can you possibly buy them or anything like that? I forget the exact location but i have ran all the way around the building and cant find a way in, so i was wondering if they ever open up or anything like that? Ryan
  15. US = NTSC That sucks about the Xbox headache. Get MS on the phone & raise hell, they at least owe you one that works. PS: Is your game profile still working? I had issues w/ mine a while back & ended up w/ a new console. My profile was on the HD & I used the memory card to transfer it. It kind of sounds dumb, but make sure your profile got transfered or you might have to start a new one. Well it is my originaly Xbox Harddrive i just got a refurbished system. Its the American Version I already deleted the game and ive got it to load up a new game once but most of the time it says i have to select a profile so i dont know what to do Im tired of losing money trying to play a game that should work without problems on a system that should work without problems.. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan
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