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  1. So I was adding pedestrians to my custom island with no problem, then all of a sudden, when doing the normal thing, I added pedestrians in a new place of the island, and the game won't load, I remove the pedestrian spawning ground, and the friggin game works, but why can't I add pedestrians, did I do something different, no. It seemed to have started to happen after I tried to make the car spawning line longer, but now I just can't do it, even if I start adding to a pedestrian setup that I already have, it screws it too! Is this a beta glitch, WTF? I am using Moo Mapper version 0.94b, supposedly the newest one Anyone know a way to fix it or get around it? Thanks in Advance, Smizz.
  2. Smizz

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER! SHIZ LOAD OF CARS! And maybe the possibility of bringing back Vice City like they did for Liberty City in GTAIV.
  3. I had duplicated a pay and spray shop using moo mapper and put it somewhere else, but now I can't load my game since! Every time I delete the extra garage, it reappears again when reloaded, so I can't get rid of it . I don't want to re-install the game, because I have been working hard on a huge island project, what do I do?!?! (I am using Moo Mapper 0.90) Edit: Never mind, I figured it out after awhile, I changed what the objects were, then deleted them, game works now. moo_mapper_help.bmp
  4. Anyone know how to use ViceTXD, I can't figure out the program and I don't want to wreak any files causing me to reinstall. I tried the help option, but the website didn't help much. I'm also on a time constraint because I usually don't have time for much when I get home, ca anyone help me as soon as possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. That's a pretty nice custom map! I like it. Great job!
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