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  1. hi, hows things going?

  2. Meow

    What Really Pisses You Off?

    Old topic, but BUMP!
  3. Waiting for help on a mod problem

  4. Meow

    GTA SA Drift Unlimited

    I dowloaded GTA SA Drift unlimited, And whenever I click on the .EXE file, start installing, and when it gets to this certain file, it freezes up. Is there a way to open up the .EXE file without running the installation secuence? Or any other ways to make it work? All help would be much appreciated
  5. Meow

    GtaSa Crazy Trainer 151

    Wrong. I downloaded it once, and the next day, my hard drive crashed, and i just reformatted it two days before that, so your antivirus was right.......... OR it is just my crappy computer. (I got a new one )
  6. Meow

    modding the handling.cfg file. any help?

    Could you stop spamming? Just hit the EDIT Button next time
  7. Meow

    What Really Pisses You Off?

    1-My Brother 2-Toll free calls 3- 4 year olds on XBL who scream and cry if I run them over in GTA. Quite funny too. 4-hackers 5-Joining a random game on XBL and seeing people chase me and shoot rockets, and go under the map and scare the shit out of me when i try to do something. (on GTA) 6-people with a squeaky voice. 7-TEAMKILLERS (should be #1 on this list) 8-People letting thier dogs out at midnight, and the dog wakes up the whole street with its barking. 9-pop music 10-Preppy bitches at school. 11. playing gta IV online and having cops on 12 XBL gamertag PARTY POOPER (complete asshole) cant think of any more
  8. Meow

    GTA: Knight Rider

    Thanks. Hmmm... Ill have to rack my brain for the next few days on how to not make the game crash. Damn Vista! I got it to work. Just simply delete voice files before installing and remove them from the SAMI script
  9. Dude, you stole my broter's "you know when you are in 2008"!!!!

  10. Meow

    GTA: Knight Rider

    i got it to work, but i ran into 2 problems. 1st, if i get in any knight vehicle twice, the game crashes. and 2nd, whenever i am driving around in a knight vehicle for more than 3 min, the game also crashes
  11. Meow

    GTA: Knight Rider

    KITT, i think you messed up the SAMI script on 0.2b. it says ''C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\\\\gta_sa.exe cannot be created'' then i tried installing it, but the the swishing lights on all the cars dont work..... any help???
  12. Meow

    Why so serious.

    BTW if you didn't know that date, it was 911, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers
  13. haha i love you cat pic lol =)