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  1. hey guys i need a logo for my gang it should be in the sizeof the mc logo please do it anyone
  2. Accuatlly you have to finish the flight mission and then you will be getting more missions. please check my recritment and join my gang.
  3. Wah wah ok bhaiya i will not copy and please edit it into like not you haha please do it That makes absolutely no sense, and I'm sure it's not your logo which isn't attracting people to your gang... I'm sure TOXIC can come up with something nice for you though Thanks man, love. And congrats on getting a member Rohan. So in all how many "logos" and in what size do you want? i want 2 logo's and 4 signatures. the logo should be in the size of the mc logo and the signature should be in the size of the lcf signatures please i will need it on 27/5/2009.please do it.
  4. Wah wah ok bhaiya i will not copy and please edit it into like not you haha please do it
  5. Hey guys i have found a place where nrg-500 exists its over the following::
  6. Hey toxic i oped my new gang but i cannot attract people so please u made a new york police department sign please edit it and do something like this::
  7. Well i like Linkin park ''IN THE END'' and i like ''Your the one for me'' in street boys
  8. yeah they suck but i like only ''Hold on''and ''Music is in my soul''.
  9. There is a cheat called ''PROFFESIONAL SKILL'' it help u gain full weapons skill in every gun.
  10. Help please, i cant finish that gta mission "dam and blast" please anyone do it for me
  11. go to gtavcmp.com sry go to google
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