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  1. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    Thanks eney way.
  2. antiz

    GTA:LCS on PS2

    Well in time there should be a PSP emulator for the pc. Then you can play LCS on your pc. P.s. Till then, play it on psp only.
  3. antiz

    Your age

    Nope sorry, 22.
  4. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    I would just like not to hear it. As in gta 3. Yes I could just turn the sound down, but I like hearing every thing els. P.s. So I will continue to try to get this to work.(With some help please)
  5. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    Please STFU Crimson. P.s. Well I'm sure its the damn header setting. How can i contact the LC team? They might know whats up. (I'm sorry for being a ass. If i can shut him up that would be grate. If not, o'well I guess)
  6. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    God damn it!!! I can't shut his ass up!! P.s. I stoped playing the game now, because I'm so sick of that frolicking voice. Please. Some one help. That's why gta 3 is the best, no talking. I did not like tommy's voice as well.
  7. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    Ok still not working. So I have a process of converting the "FILE". I can convert it to a .raw, edit it(silence the track) reconvert back to "FILE", making sure it's the same size file(it is). Still no silence of cj. P.s. I think its the .raw header setting's. Please help. I don't know how to find this out.(or if it will help at all) :'(
  8. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    because your a dumb ass. P.s. As far as shuting cj up. his voice file is\ Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\audio\SFX\SPC_PA."file". need to edit this some how. I can convert it to a wav. But I can't get it back to a plane "FILE". deleting it makes the game gently caress up, Dummy's do the same.
  9. antiz

    Shut CJ up

    I'm geting real sick of hearing CJ's voice Is there a way to Shut him up? No talking or singing(CJ) during game play?. Like in gta 3. P.s. I'm sure it has somthing to do with one of the audio files.