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  1. jbray3179

    GTA: Medieval Times?

    I think this could be pretty cool game idea, but honestly i dont want Rockstar games doing it... They should just stick to tradition 80s 90s or current day stuff.
  2. jbray3179

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I know this is out there but I would love a game where you decide everything... custom character and acually have you pick est you want to do. If you like the task set before you,sure take it... but if you dont you say fuck off and work for the guys. You could start your own gangs and YOU could be the crime family that needs brought down, not you taking out the bad guys. And if you kill certain gang members, you loose their trust, but gain other gangs. This would be so sick, but will probably never happen for GTA5.... mabey san andrease stories?
  3. jbray3179

    I Am Legend QUARANTINE

    I know it's a little late in the process since your almost done, but I just wanted to pitch out some of my ideas for this mod... First you should try to add a striped red Mustang to the game, because this was one of the cars he drove... the other car that would be cool (and even better to see) would be his SUV, he drives it all the time... its a jacked version of the Ford Expedition EL, with a set of lights on the top, ill post a picture of the SUV. One last thing which would be awesome (I think) is if you replace all the radio stations with the broadcast of Robbert Neville's search for survivors... I can't attach audio files(I had one with only the broadcast) but this youtube video has the broadcast in the background http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-uFJrrH_bw Just think about some of my suggestions...
  4. jbray3179

    Is there a GTA3 online?

    All the downloads from this site for gta 3 or vc multiplayers dont work.... either "404 error" or you get to the download screen, hit download and it says page not found... any other places to download this? i reallly want a multiplayer.
  5. jbray3179

    I Am Legend QUARANTINE

    I acually looked this mod up on google and there is a place to download what seems to be a similar mod but for San Andreas.
  6. I made a pretty crude spiderman skin for gta 3 because there wasnt one yet. It took me an hour and it acually looks good. I went to upload it here but it was 'disapproved'. I just want to know why it was disapproved, what i could do to get it on, and how many people would acually use the skin... ill upload the picture of skin so you can see it. I just uploaded the skin bitmap file... you could just save it to your computer and put it in your skins if you really want it. player.bmp