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  1. I like the saber type car but what I really want to see is car liek the ones from the movie fast and teh furious with just as much detail. I want to hear the better sound teh engine roar when you speed up all that. I also want to see more realistic car damage where damage accually affects the car but not to realistice to take the fun out of the game. what I am tryign to say is if you shoot the front of a car it start smoking and slighty slows the car down but not too much and the smoke make it harder to see. and I want to see more upgrades not only for cars looks and speed but to it's endurance. I want it to be huge like options to reduce weight to make car go faster but decreases its strenght or armor for you car to take more damger and all that. also you should be abel to get a smoke generator for your car so help lose cop and make them crash.
  2. for one you can't have the names of the car on the vechile unless R* get teh linece to use that car in the games the most they can do is look alikes which is better becasue they could edit the car morebecaseu I am sure ford would not liek to see that is you hit somethign the front bumper falls off or what ever.
  3. dude you are an idiot they will not put children in GTA unless it is in a cut sceen adn nothing else and also ifyou want to customize every thing get teh sims not GTA. I liked the charater customize and cr beyond that it does not really matter may e gang customize not animals and children and houses ityis just too much useless data. I would not care if I could have a lazyboy ora bean bag chair in my house. the next big thing would be not loadand full scale levels whereall teh floors to a building ae accually there and canbe entered plue the physics
  4. wow I am just to lazy to do all that heck I am still atthe part where you got to take over all the teratories becasue I keep gettingcheap things happening and each place takelike 1 hour becasue they game spawns the enemy gang behind buildingsand I was unable to getto them becasueit kept saying get back to the fight and theenemy would never comeand it happens often to me so Istoped play for a long time.
  5. Well I got to say a few things some mini games are ok but to not put ones that take more than 15 mins which are done to complete a mission or somethign teh R/C mission are some times fun some times not. I do not want to see the option of playign GTA 1 in the next gta it is stupid becasue if I wanted to play gta1 I would play that game not the next GTA. also I want to see a more indepth story line where every thing is harder eg. the price of weapons where in the bigging of the game it takes a lot of teh money you have to buy weapons. but with this does you can steal weapons from people on the street or go to other gangs and steal from them or even warehouses. furthermore you get ammo when goign on missions say before you start your allies pass you a clip or 2 so becasue ammo is harder to get. Also for side missions you have a bar where your weapon status for your gang is at so you can go get mroe weapons and ammo for your gang. Also for gun to get the accual gun from a store there is a small waiting period and a criminal check where if yuo are on a wanted list you got to do missions for the police to be able to get weapions from the store. Becasue of this the price of the gun is very steap to the money you own but if you want ammo for the gun it becomes a lot cheper. However; you can;t get all guns at the store and there is arms dealers around which you make through connections. thsi would add a new level of game play. I also want to see a active raido like if you get alot of cops after you there is an alert on all radio stations that are reportign your chase which would be very cool. I agree where cars should not explode unless they take a huge amout of damage but once they get damaged enough they stop running. and if you flip your car you can push it over so you don;t have to lose it. I want to also see full scale cities, if you can enter the building you can also jump out of it by shooting out a window and becasue of that yu can jump from another building and jump into an other through the window and because of this the floors are a little bigger than needed so yu can do this because it would really suck you trying a stunt to jump into the buildign and keep failign becasue you can't jump in becasue you keep hittign the teh floor and falling back. \I agree totally with th hospital/cop/ fire missions you should have different tasks to make it more enjoyable and easier becasue I hated VC hospital missions becasue you would get a ped up near teh stadium and you can't get to him with out drivign up the stairs and causing lots of damage to your vechile which makes it every hard to complete. and the cop missions I failed so many becasue the bad guys shot up my car and I could nto find another cop or I get so many cops after me when doing the missions I have to keep running and avoid the mission just to survive. I kinda do not agree with if you hit a gas tank it should explode for one they proved that it is hard to make a gas tank exploded when shootign it on mythbusters but it would really suck when your doign a long mission and tryign to get the a pay and spray to get from teh cops and just as you get the bang cop hit your gas tank and you fail the mission I think a better just for this case where if a person cop or non cop shoots your gas tank you get a fuel meter in this case only where you obnly get a couple seconds left to drive. Also becasue we all liek explosions you and you alone should be able to shoot a gas tank and make it explode. Also I very much liek the Idea of hinding to get away from teh cops instead of saving or paint and spray however I do not agree with if a cop see you go into a pay and spray teh cops are still after you unless tehy change the amout of cops around this would make it extremly hard to lose them durign full wanted level durign missions. I liek the Idea of beabel to hidn from the cps but I would also liek to see more cops cahse you teh most cop car i seen in presuit if 5 I have seen more tanks following me. also I like to see less tank after you thereis no way they would see 50 tanks after some one I ould ratehr see a smarter AI in the tanks and all the tank show up on your map and they all work together to corner you and some times they shoo but not often or at random and also there bullet moves slower so you can accually dodge it. but not to slow bcasue I hate to see a game that is to easy and yuo could stand in front of it and dodge all day. but if yuo leave teh city and are far away from teh tank new ones spawn and are also showen on the map. I ratehr this becasue I hate seeign a bunch of tanks cluterign the streets and just havign the dumb luck of turing the corner and bagn right in toto a tank. If the cops AI is improved their accuracy or damage shoudl be decreased or at least you can edit/change the level of smartness for the ops because not every oen plays at the same level and every one plays differently.I liek chases and stunt I could do that for hours my friend get board with that he can just go around a fight peopel for hours I find that boring espically when yo uhave to take turns of death instead of tiem because my game would last 20 mins his liek 2 hours becasue he may get in a fight every 30 sec to 30 mins at the most and find heath. that is a little off for teh cops AI but if you get a lot of stars I do no want to see a ambush of cops that are large i number ae have good accuracy becasue of this it would be very hard to survive. but if you want thsi still I ask for blance where there is the police chife and when he is around the cops have an Improved AI, but if you kill the chife they will be onorganized and be stupid like stand out in the open not draw there gun till they see you.
  6. For this topic I do not want tyo hear any thing about grapics or anything to do of thn sims: I would like to see an advanced 2 player game play, and maybe soem optional 2 player missions. scenario option for free play where you do not play though the mission but instead you get to see some coll action happening like bank robberys multiple police cars chases after soem one other than your self huge gang wars that do not involve you or your gang Improved weatehr with snow and rain and weatehr events where road are unaccessable due to snow. lightnining that damages terrain where it will hit a tree and set fire. houses are able to burn down. natural disaster will huricans, floods earth quakes. changing cities new buildings built buildings destroyed parks create. events that will happen like air shows prades fairs SORRY about the pole question spelling, I should of worded teh question better and part of the question was cut off, and I can not edit it sorry. I would also like to see full buildings where you can accually access all floors and even jump out any window on any floor becasue I like to be abel to jump on top not in a jet and fly up the say teh middle floor of the building shoot my way though the window keep the 2 player guy flyign the jet out side waiting and I kill every one on teh floor just for the fun of it and go up one floor kill every one there the cops rush that floor and I shoot though the window and jump on to the jet that is just one floor below and get teh hell out of there.
  7. Magnum why teh hell do you need planes go higher it is stupid because they can go very high as it is there is no need to go any higher the thing I really want to see is a massivly improved 2 player system where it is split screen and each player can move anyware freely and can enter exit vechiles with out with out no 1 car for 2 people but still beable to get both it one car but give some freedom. The next thing would be cool is mission where you got to work togetehr with your gang where you are doing one thing like setting a bomb across town and there are raiding some short of facility for information or weapons but somethign goes wrong and you got to race across town and save them and I want to see more cases like the one at the start of SA where your on a bike that was f*ing cool but I want to see where you got like a convoy where your tryign to get your cars to safty but your attacked and you got to slow speed up take out road blocks and things liek that at highspeeds and stoped positions like your on there free way and cars pull up behind your convoy you go back and take them out and then they come from the side and you got to catch up and kill them and way up ahead one of the drivers spots a road block you hit your nitro speed up stop take out a rocket launcher a destroy the road block then one of the drive say that they spotted some that jumped on to one of the cars in the convoy and is leaving this is where you hop on a bike case the car down and the game tells you that you are switching charaters to the guy that is on the back of the bike and you have to shoot out the tires of the car after this is done you get a cut sceen of the car slowing down and you driving your biek up to the car and kicking the sh*t out of the guy that hijacked teh car and kidnapped the people inside then the mission end and you are back to your normal charater.
  8. I know for a fact that the ps 3 will have 8 core processors unless sony decides to change there plans and go for more or less but as it is now most web sites say there is 7 core proscessors but that is not ture they leave out 1 core because it just runs the ps3 hard ware and will not boost system resources because it is only set to work the hard ware and this is good because the XBOX 360 has only 3 cores and the hardware has to share that with the software so you get less speed that is stated and you would know this if you been in a networking class. also PS3 might be $900 or more because Blu-ray disc players and just players not recorders are priced at $1000 right now but I they will go down in price becasue the ps3 will not launch till around summer and if yuo can't afford the the ps3 wait till it drops in price and they make a second version with less bugs. ALso I belive that the ps3 with be a Blu-ray recorder as well because there has be discussion on Because games will come out for both systems that there will be a lot of space left over on Blu-ray discs if there choose to put games on Blu-ray instead of keeping it on DVD's. but if they release games on Blu-ray disc's there will be extra space and since Blu-ray uses blue-voilet laser at 405nm it takes less space to write and it also has radom accessing feature that allows disc to be played and recorded at teh same time making memory cards and hard drive not used becasue you will be able to save data right on the game disc. to learn more about Blu-ray go to this site http://www.blu-ray.com/faq/ Furthermore even if teh ps3 is priced at $1500 it would be not that bad becasue it would play Blu-ray discs
  9. I only stat teh fact I have read becasue I am intrested in both machines and I have read another artical that states the sony have 8 processors not 7 but teh 8th is meant to operate the sony's hardware only but even though the sony has more processor speed the XBOX360 can better quallity processors with high cach RAM which allows more data go thru the processor and which makes it go thru at 2 times the spped making each system even. and I know the XBOX 360 has it's problems but all new launch systems do it happens I just heard that Xbox has had lots of report of over heating and crashing and I know that my firend has the same problem I do not know how wide spread this is. and sorry for bad spelling on my last comment I like to type fast and not look over my work
  10. well for one since the XBOX 360 is realsed now my firend owns one and he says it was not what he expected he says there is problems with gamers frezzing laging and just a whole bunch of otehr bugs he says it can't get though quake 4 becasue it keeps messing up. but GTA4 might come out for XBOX 360 first becasue it is released first and ps3 is not released till summer. but if it is release for the XBOX ps3's will be alot better becasue the ps3 can handle much more. also hear is anotehr fact who think that the XBOX was teh greatest system ever yes it =had better graphcis and fast speed than the ps2 but it was also released later so it is technology would be better becaseu of that. and if GTA comes out for ps3 and is planing for XBOX360 they would have to make it under the ps3's limits so it would work for XOBX 360 but if they made it for the ps3 and not XOBX and it later came out for XBoX it would be a condenced version with less. by teh stats I heard on the next consoles XBOX does not compeat and in my opinion it is not a next gen console but a half gen because there was no major improvment other than in speed. for the inforemation I got the ps3 is goign to be 35 X faster than teh ps2 and is 2 times faster than the Xbox 360 that measn that XOBX is about 17X faster than the ps2 which is good but won't compare with ps3.
  11. ok for one they can make a 5th island where once you beat the game you get it but not unitil becasue there is many ways they can do this so you can 't fly over it to reach it one is to make it only reachable by airport planes so that means different country or what ever meaning you to get to and to get out of the city must be through the air port the second way is to not have the island load till you beat the game. and if they made the game last 6 months that means the release will be in like 2012 which I do not want to wait that long. and you may say it would not take that long but hears what would happen they would start now make the game and round it's finishing time the graphic for the game are getting out dataed so guess what they have to go thru the whole game and rerender it all. also it would increace teh time it would take because CG animation takes time and there would be more cut sceens and if there wern't a lot of cut sceens it would get boaring becasue like any gamer cut sceens are a key part of the game and I would not liek to play for 20 hours stright to see the next cut sceen. and also they game dose not have to be long just that you can do a lot more becasue the best thing about GTA is free roming not the missions it may be teh mission for some people with the story lien but for me it is free roming and doign what ever you feel like. and if you couls have 2 player split screen muilty vechiel I could litterly play that game for 20 years and still have not done every thing. also a could feature could be that your able to scale building snap peoples necks for stealth missions. I really want to see GTA to take the next step and have game play liek other shooter mission but they must not change GTA in to a full shooter. and I do not want to see extra tuff for really doing 100% of the game becasue I do not have time to go find every thing and iot would piss me off if they gave a really cool ability item car or what ever to 100% game I think you should get somethign for 100% missions. because if they gave a ability like matrix mode to 100% every thing in teh game every one would want it but not every one can get that far because some of us have jobs and school and some of us have 2 jobs and school and also some peopel may have 2 jobs school and have to take care of their own family and be there for sick family member adn there is some people that there main consern is how am I going to skip school today so I can play more GTA I say this because I am busy and I got GTA SA teh first day it came out and I still haven't beat the game one of the main reasons was that I had an old vesion of the ps2 and the game lept frezzing at oen point so I could not continue so I got a new ps2 and was able to play farther and for the fact I liek to fool around to much
  12. I think one of the next big things will be a deeper plot which interlinks more directly to each mission and through the plot the city changes along with your gang. I don't know why but I got a feeling that teh next GTA will have the best story line and I mean overall they best thing about the game will be the storyline.
  13. you can't get unlimited space really I know in SA you can fly out for a very long time but it has it's limites adn it is just wasted space I rather have another city rather than 10x the hight limit and you also messed up your star system you missed the swat cars which I like they are fast and strong and you missed unmarked cars the FBI but every thing else you mentioned was ok but I rather not see a bomber but it would be cool' I want to see GTA become international and when you switch countries you lose your wanted level. but I want to see a mission where youd do somethign really really bad and you leave the USE becasue you know your good as dead there and when you get the another countrie you don't have a wanted level but you get seceret CIA guys comeing after you so you are forced to change your clothes and hair style alot and also you can not stay at the same house you have to change house every time you save but you can go back to them after five stays some where else but you get them off of you by doing certain missions in the next city. an dyou get on this mission when a guy from teh CIA contacts you in the public becasue one of they guys you worked for set the deal up and it is your only way out and basicly you have to go to anotehr country and assinate a political leader and during this and after this no CIA will come after you.
  14. teh AI should be inproved for the peds but not the cops becasue I don't need no cops that ambush me. but I would liek the option of changing the diffeculty level of the cops so when I fool around I can accually make it harder adn have more fun. I like the county to but it can be a pain. I want a bigger game also I want to see a bigger city area becasue I love using the planes or jets and fly through the whole city dodging the buildings. another reason I like teh country is the trees. I like tilting my jet sideways and flying between them but half teh time I blow up becasue there is only so much space between them I once fly through the forest which I was liek wow I can't belive I did that.
  15. -Your first task is to find a laywer and you must pay him about $25,000 everytime your busted, this way you would try even hard not to get arrested. I disagree with this becasue if I get busted during the start of the game you got no my and this would suck and I know that people woyuld just save more and restart if they get busted becasue I know I would be tempted to myself. -The missions should be more lengthier then just the regular 5-15 minutes. Some missions should be around 20-30 minutes long, but they should still keep the short ones. I kinda agree and disagree with this but I rather see a muilty mission where I can break it up in to more than one mission but you got to finish it to get rewarded becaseu I know a few of my firend work and don;t have much time to play and also it would suck for 30 min mission if you keep dieing near teh end and have to keep repeating it over. -Time should be realistic, so instead of a day only lasting 24 minutes, it should last 24 hours. Another feature with the time they could add is that when you turn off your PS3 the game will still be running. So say if you shut off your PS3 then 4 hours later you start playing again, the game would advance 4 hours. The time should also work with real time, so if your playing at 10:00p.m., the game time would be the same. I kinda liek to time the way it is but it would be good to extend it like say 48 min for a day becasue it would suck if it was real time that becasue say you got a mission that is only able to play at night and you work nights for they next few weeks so you are unable to advance in the game I like the time unreal becasue it gives a good balance and i would hate to have to run home to get early so I don't have to do the mission at night. -I want cars to use gasoline this time around. This won't affect the game this much since you only use a car for around 20 minutes or less at a time. I could go either way for this Idea but I would hate to run out of gas inthe middle of nowhere becasue I was runnign from the cops because I have fliped my car in the country a few times in SA and I hate walking for 20 mins to get to town to steal a car. so this would make it happen more I guess I would prefer not to have gas -I want the money to be more realistic. When you do a mission, you should get maybe $10,000 if you kill a guy, $10,000-$20,000 if you win a street race, and maybe up to $100,000 if you steal something. I want housing to be realistic prices also. So you would pay maybe $80,000 for an average home, and $1,000,000+ for a big mansion. this would be good but it mgiht lead to gettign to much money in the start so it would take part of the beginging away. -Ragdoll physics should be included, 'cause there more fun then if you stay stiff, plus there more realistic. this is a great Idea. -The traffic on the road was way to unrealistic in the previous GTA's. I live in a city with around 100,000 people, and New York City (LC) has at least 8 million, and my city is busier. I want to see the main streets at least 5 lanes wide and jammed packed with cars. traffic is ok the way it is becasue I liek to go full speed down teh street but is it is bumper to bumper you can't move if it is a time mission you could lose becasue of traffic and it would take a lot of graphics to have that many cars so it would be better used to have better details over more cars but I would liek to see this at rush hour times only not most of the game just 1 or 2 hours game time -When you fall off a building you should have a broken arm, leg, or something like that, and the hospital would fix you up. When you have your broken whatever, it should be harder to drive your car, or shoot a gun. This idea is a little to realistic for GTA and seems more of something The Getaway would do, so I'm not exactly if I would like this idea. I hate this Idea becaseu I though of it be for and I would hate to do a small jump to get away form the cops and sprain or break my lag a bust me or kill me becasue I can't run or slowy bleed to death adn not get to the hospiltal in time and it would suck to slowly bleed to death becasue that means when you bleed to death is becasue of a bad injury and I don't need to bleed to death when I need my health the most
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