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  1. That sucks. Hopefully if Rockstar changes publishing companies, GTA will still be as good. It probably will be since the publishing company has nothing do with the making of the game.
  2. To many games are set in New York, and I'm getting tired of that city. I want something new, big, and with lots of violence. London, Japan, and Russia are my top three choices. Japan is my number one choice, and even though they speak Japanese, I still think they could make a great game with it. For the time period, I think modern day would best suit Japan. London could be 1976, and Russia could be 1946? That might be to old so how about 1984.
  3. Yeah, but GTA isn't a game where you loose interest quickly. I play GTA every day and I still have lots of interests in it.
  4. There should be 5 islands in the game, and once you complete the game the 5th island should be unlocked. This way you would be able to still have fun even if you already beat it. First island-begginig of game Second island-25% Third island-50% Fourth island-75% Fifth island-100%
  5. Post your ideas on how long the main storyline in GTA:IV should be. I want the game to last a lot longer then the previous GTA's. I want the short missions to be extremely hard, and the longer missions to be a bit easier. The game should last about 200 hours so that way I won't be done in the next month. There should be a load of other stuff to do in the game to get 100% like side missions, girlfriends, etc. Some missions which are a bit easy should last around 20-30 minutes in length.
  6. They should make the game set in Japan. They should include five Japanese cities, consisting of: -Tokyo -Yokohama -Osaka -Nagoya -Sapporo Also, maybe they could include a load of islands that have small towns on them. The islands would be either conected by bridges or ferries. I would like to see Asia as a definate spot to put the next Grand Theft Auto. Maybe one day they could make a game set in all of Asia/Europe. Of course they wouldn't have every city, and it wouldn't be as big as it reall is, but it could be done. If they did this, the cities they should definatly include are: -London -Paris -Rome -Moscow -Hong Kong -Tokyo They should also include things like the huge mountain ranges in Nepal, the Alps, the deserts in the Middle East, the jungles in Vietnam, the ocean, and loads of small towns scattered thoughout the entire continent. If they were to do this, then they should call the game Grand Theft Auto: Eurasia.
  7. It's definatly not going to be for the PS2 or XBox. It will most likely be for the PS3 because I think the PS3 is coming out in 2006 but I'm not sure.
  8. I'd like to see more stuff to do with the army in GTA 4. There should be a large army base somewhere in the game, and you would constantly see army guys marching in ranks, shooting there guns, and stuff like that. You should also see army vehicles pulling out of there bases. Every so often the army guys should go out and march on the street. When you do something bad they should send in five trucks full of army guys. Then there would be five trucks chasing you and at least ten guys in each shooting at you. Also, if you have an eight star wanted level, all the army/cop cars should clear out and a bomber would go and bomb you. When you have eight wanted stars you automaticly know you will be bombed so you have to find shelter somewhere (like in a cave, or your safehouse. This is how the wanted stars should go: 1 star- cops chase you down the street but give up easily 2 stars- a cop car will chase you for a while and it will be harder to get rid of 3 stars- 3 cop cars will chase you and they won't give up unless you give them a bribe or repaint your car 4 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you plus two helicopters (one cop, and one news) 5 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, and a Patriot leading the cop cars 6 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, two Patriots, and one tank following behind 7 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, two Patriots, three tanks, and one Hunter will start shooting at your car 8 stars- All the cars will be cleared and a bomber will fly over your car and bomb the surrounding area + it will shoot you with it's guns New weapons I'd like to see are: -Paintball gun -Beebee gun -Scisors (sp) -Sludge hammer -Rope (strangle people) -Brass knuckles with blades -Pellet gun -Rocks which you can throw at people -Sword (not a katana) New vehicles I'd like to see are: -Bumper car -Longer limos -Hummer limo -Horses -Horse carriges (sp) -Bettle -Skateboard -Military jets -More military vehicles Some random things I'd like to see in GTA 4 are: -Set in 2006 Detroit/Windsor -Lots of gangs -Own buissnesses -Use bombs to blow up things (but construction would rebuild it quickly) -Start your own group by getting random peds, giving them guns, and your gang clothes -Ability to customize your own gang tatoo/gang graffitti -Customize motorcycles -Own a car dealership and take them on test rides (like you did in Liberty City Stories) -Have unlimited space (this way you can fly as high as you want, or go as far as you want) -They should bring back our favorite songs from previous GTA's (at least 20) and put them all on a single radio station
  9. Here are just a few ideas I would like for the next GTA: It would be nice to see the next PSP GTA in a different city. I think Detroit would be a good spot to put it because it's small enough to fit most of the city, plus there's lots of crime there. A good date for it to be set would be 2006. They haven't done a current game since GTA:III (and now it's out of date), so they should have a current game on the next GTA for the PSP. It should be another game set like GTA: San Andreas. You should be in a street gang, always having gang wars with another gang and stuff. New features I want in the game are: -Rocks as weapons -Bikes (they had them in SA, but not in LCS) -Swimming -New weapons (you should be able to pick up random things)
  10. For me it doesn't really matter if it's in a new city or not. I wouldn't care if it was set in Vice City, or Los Santos.
  11. Here's some ideas for a map I want in the next GTA: There should be three cities in the game. One city should be the size of San Andreas, and the other two should be about the size as a city in San Andreas (Los Santos, San Fierro, or Las Venturas. Besides cities, there should also be mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, farms, forests, deserts, and small towns. In total, the game should be three times the size of San Andreas There should be at least up to 30 gas stations/corner stores in each city in the game (that's at least how many there are in my city, and I live in a small city). There should be around 10 churches in each city, and outside the churches should be preists, bishops, nuns, or monks. There should be three hospitals in each city, two small ones, and one big one. The hospitals should have interiors so you can go inside them. You should be able to go inside the houses during day time. You should be able to buy casinos, hotels, run down factories, mansions, houses, sheds, shacks, barns, big properties (once you buy one, no one will go on it anymore), small buisnesses, yachts, small boats, the harbor/marina, abandoned buildings, or any building that's run down.
  12. I think Vice City would be a good spot to put the next GTA, but they should definatly make it bigger, just like they did with Liberty City Stories. If they made it in Vice City, they should call it GTA:Vice City Legends.
  13. Is it anything like the PSP (just a different colour)?
  14. The main thing I want changed for this game, is realism. Here's some things I want changed for realism: -Your first task is to find a laywer and you must pay him about $25,000 everytime your busted, this way you would try even hard not to get arrested. -The missions should be more lengthier then just the regular 5-15 minutes. Some missions should be around 20-30 minutes long, but they should still keep the short ones. -Time should be realistic, so instead of a day only lasting 24 minutes, it should last 24 hours. Another feature with the time they could add is that when you turn off your PS3 the game will still be running. So say if you shut off your PS3 then 4 hours later you start playing again, the game would advance 4 hours. The time should also work with real time, so if your playing at 10:00p.m., the game time would be the same. -I want cars to use gasoline this time around. This won't affect the game this much since you only use a car for around 20 minutes or less at a time. -I want the money to be more realistic. When you do a mission, you should get maybe $10,000 if you kill a guy, $10,000-$20,000 if you win a street race, and maybe up to $100,000 if you steal something. I want housing to be realistic prices also. So you would pay maybe $80,000 for an average home, and $1,000,000+ for a big mansion. -Ragdoll physics should be included, 'cause there more fun then if you stay stiff, plus there more realistic. -The traffic on the road was way to unrealistic in the previous GTA's. I live in a city with around 100,000 people, and New York City (LC) has at least 8 million, and my city is busier. I want to see the main streets at least 5 lanes wide and jammed packed with cars. -When you fall off a building you should have a broken arm, leg, or something like that, and the hospital would fix you up. When you have your broken whatever, it should be harder to drive your car, or shoot a gun. This idea is a little to realistic for GTA and seems more of something The Getaway would do, so I'm not exactly if I would like this idea.
  15. If you buy the new special editon San Andreas, the game comes with The Introduction and Sunday Driver and it's the same price as San Andreas before it was banned. I bought it about a week ago.
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