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  1. azn


    I don't know, ask on the forums o.o

  2. Misha

    then who can i ask?

  3. azn

    I do not know, I don't play Vc =\

  4. Misha

    I have some skins now uploaded on Vice City list. Wondering am i good skiner.

  5. Misha

    Introduce Yourself..

    Thank you ^-^
  6. azn

    Lol, yes indeed

  7. Misha

    i guess you tricked me also ^-^

  8. azn

    Lol nah. I'm from Australia, I just like to trick people ;P

  9. Misha

    Are you really from Japan?


  10. Misha

    Introduce Yourself..

    which might that be =3 anyway, i made some skins for Tommy Vercetti from Vice City. i know where to upload but are there some special rules about the skins?
  11. Misha

    Introduce Yourself..

    Thank you i Will folow 'em.
  12. Misha

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello. I too registered just now. I've made some GTA Vice City skins for Tommy What are the rules here?