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  1. Hay thanks man. the reason why I posted this here is because it only happens on this site.
  2. My files are always immediately opened upon download. How can i stop this? I know it dosen't sound bad but the temporary file it is suposed to be in dosen't show up. its fine with .zip files becase they are their own file and i can copy and paste them as acorndly but with .rar files they are lost forever and i can't put them where they belong.
  3. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    well i allredy got the new DFF made and now the front bumper is in the midle of the front clip.
  4. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    I am not going to have it tow semi trailers. and I'm going to start all over with my model to try and fix it up right.
  5. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    Well i went to put the dff in the game and herw's what happened.
  6. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    So this is to replace the Patriot? Or you are just using that as the base for your 3D? As far as CLEO (I don't know if this works for all vehicles or not) I used the following code to attach the BAGGAGE to the BAGBOXA which can already be done in game so you might be looking at messing with the HANDLING.CFG file and not CLEO at all. [email protected] = Car.Create(#BAGGAGE, -821.3815, -2442.865, 68.9761) [email protected] = Car.Create(#BAGBOXA, -817.3062, -2452.05, 72.3128) Car.Angle([email protected]) = 53.68 Car.Angle([email protected]) = 53.68 0893: put_trailer [email protected] on_cab [email protected] I haven't tried opcode 0893 with other vehicles. I am thinking your 3D model will need a "misc_a" pivot point in the hierarchy table to attach stuff. Open the BAGGAGE.DFF in Zmodeler if you don't understand. Then you will need to alter the HANDLING.CFG file. I don't believe there are any CLEO solutions since the model and the handling define this ability. Yes well i see by the way i said it that you might think i said it replaced the patriot but it repaces the tractor. if i could find the jack to my camera I wuld post some picks of what it looks like in zmodler. And i have the tractors "misc_a" model. and thanks I'll try somthing like tha cleo code and see if it works. What needs to be changed for this cleo code to work for my needs? cause when it comes to coding I'm a flunky.
  7. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    I've got the .DFF finished going to need help with texturing and need some help with a cleo or the uniqe handling things to tow semi trailers with. hlso need help changing the wheel size to that of the patriot.This will replace the tractor.
  8. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    okay I havent got a 5th wheel on it yet but the work is coming along swimmingly. insted of a bobcat i've got the patriot as the base car. I've got the tractor hitch thing on. i am open to some Opinons. thinking about adding the monsters extra roof lights and the road trains front bumper. Going to need help with the texturing. also ill need help making a cleo for it to tow trailers. I am new to modding. this will be my first mod. sorry i've not posted any thing in a wile i was grounded.
  9. Raysk9

    Car idea.

    I had an idea for a robber style car basicly it Its going to be a 4 door truck with a tow hitch like the tractor with the ability to latch on to semi trailers. Basicly it would be a bobcat with 4 doors and no bed a 5th wheel and the tractor lever to tow cars with.
  10. Mabey you should have a mission before that with killing pendilberry. that would be killing Cj's mom with The "green Saber"
  11. Raysk9

    Why Wait?

    I hoped you noticed I dicied to drop this idea Okay. completly out of my mind when i posted this.
  12. Well I'm not quite sure what happened but Their may be 2 ways to fix this, and you probably won't like eaither of them. Start a new game or use your backups to uninstal the mods.
  13. Their is a slight problem with that. The regrestration keeps glitching on me so i cant post there. The problem is that i never get the email needed.
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