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  1. DeLorean

    Best mod idea ever :D

    haha! that would be pretty cool. it shouldnt be too difficult to make just a model. the animations are just about impossible though. you're talkin rescripting the whole thing. as for the hydra... i've not much experience with that thing. is there any way to tilt the turbine exhausts to point backwards, instead of down? the real life Harrier does that, and it seems the Hydra is stuck in the Take Off/Land position. is there any way to go forward really fast in the hydra? and what're the signal flares for?
  2. DeLorean

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    ugh, god! a taurus? anyway, i'm surprised my car hasnt showed up yet. 1981 DMC-12 DeLorean. it was modded for VC, but theres a prob loading a VC model into SA. My guess is that the engines are actually a 3d model this time, instead of a flat picture in VC. any ideas on how to cross it into SA? I dont have a 3d modeling program, but all someone would have to do is put a simple little volvo 6 cyl. engine with a dmc air intake on top. you can find the model and everything in the vice city section.
  3. DeLorean

    Possible Titles

    That is so damn lame of them to stick to the same boring-ass cities that were in the original GTA! come on! why dont they try a new big city? some possibilities i'll think up right now are: Houston, TX Chicago, OH Portland, OR Dallas, TX Knoxville, TN Houston would probably be the best.