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  1. Can someone just quickly upload the original timecyc.dat file found in the data folder of the pc version of SA? I modded it with the more draw distance mod and now everything is all glitchy and I didnt back it up, and I dont wanna re install.
  2. Edison carters 0.7 cheat device allows you to make your own cheats by editing hex and whatnot...So, any cheats youve made post here.
  3. I dont know if this is real or not but I saw it on gta-lvs.com Well, here is some fresh info we just got The new gta is well underway. All four cities are in there! You get a choice between Tommy, Carl, Claude or Catalina, every character got its own storyline! We also know that the game is 55% done! The cities are: London, San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City!!! There will be a lot of weathers in the next game, like snow, and other knows weathers, on every season, there will be other weather. Some thing else we know is that in snow there will be almost no control over the car, and in the rain, it will be really slippery. It's like different handling in different weather. There seem to be hurricane storms and hopefully twisters. Well, that's all the info we got by now, I will make a page with all the info we already have! I hope you like it, enjoy
  4. How does liking microsoft make you a douche? Or prove you are a douche?
  5. How do you compare firefox to netscape? Most everything about them is different...like firefox is open source for instance. I guess you can compare Mozilla to netscape...but not ff/
  6. I hope to hell one of those could be san andreas...heck, a smaller storyline would be find with me as long as they get the vehicles and planes and such...it would be absolutely amazing.
  7. No no no, im looking for more than that, yes maybe SOME low gravity, but im talking a whole big ass mod with new stunt places, added terrain or vehicles for cool stunts and whatnot....or like, never fall off your bike, and its never destroyable...thats what im talking about.
  8. Can someone find me one of the better/best stunt mods out there? Im too lazy to look...and you guys are all over this mod stuff so..yeah.
  9. I dont think ill ever get to download it since the servers it was hosted on are shit. Ive been waiting 20 minutes, this thing hasnt even begun downloading...and I have high speed cable.
  10. I have a 2.01 Ghz proccessor....And unlike spaz...could someone tell me how to over clock my proccessor?
  11. The best thing to do is download 3GP_Converter, you pop a video into its small window and it automatically converts the video to the right format, decreases file size, AND makes the video fit the psp screen at full. Google it, it makes things SUPER easy. Also, once you get the 2 files that are outputted, connect your psp, and in the drive that contains the psp stuff you will see folders PSP, and MP_ROOT, go into MP_ROOT and you should find a folder called 100MNV01, any others...dont worry about but dont stick your videos in them. Stick your videos into the 100MNV01 folder and presto. If you dont have these folders, its ok, simply make them. 3GP_converter is a very simple to use program, and its one of the best, it compresses files, makes them fit the screen perfectly and whatnot. For more information on psp stuff visit www.freewebs.com/akademikz/ It will explain everything, but more in depth. Especially 3dp converter. 3gp is a free program so you know. And it will convert almost ANY file type to the right one. So dont waste your time trying to find converters, or max media manager...this is what I use and I can put a vid on my psp in minutes.
  12. Play the game properly? How are you playing it inproperly with this device? Its suppose to make the game fun, not help you through missions...and saying to no a totally flyable dodo with this version as in you can make it move and fly without twirling n poo...is absolutely retarded.
  13. That must have taken a lot of skill...when I fly the dodo it just spins around and doesnt go straight.
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