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  1. GaMeFrEaK

    2 more PSP GTA games to come.

    the only thing that microsoft makes that is good and useful is IE and Windows. the xbox 360 sucks (thats y the ps3 will have better graphix and will be more powerful because they work on it longer and have more technology)
  2. i'm going to get it to see how it is. heres some things I want to expect: 1. no loading screens between islands 2. more weapons 3. helipcopters/planes 4. climbing walls 5. crouching 6. interiors (other than safehouses) 7. snow regularly (since more diskspace) 8. a few more cars thats all I really want. I hope they open up that space above Shoreside Vale to or add in like VC or something.
  3. GaMeFrEaK

    GTA: Columbia

    I have been helping with the GTA Columbia project for the last 2 months, but the project has been going for 4-5 months. GTA Columbia is a GTA/2 style game. We have the V.1.1 demo for download on our website (see signiture). Were not releasing V.1.2 till we get the AI Traffic bug fixed. On the download page, you can also download a few more games i have made including: 1. GM Poker 2. Rockn Pool 3. Dark Zone 4. War Tanks We just got the site up yesturday and we have forums with 4 districts for easy viewing (we have a gta area). If you would like to look into game making pm me or visit my site. GTA Columbia V.1.1 Demo Download : Click Here When you get to the download page click "Click here to continue".
  4. GaMeFrEaK


    they probally will come out with bigger disk. the current UMD's are 1.5 or 2gb's. We need about 3 or 4gb umds
  5. GaMeFrEaK


    my wishlist for the next GTA PSP: 1. Swimming 2. Flyable Planes/Helis 3. Ability To Climb Walls/Fences 4. Bikes
  6. GaMeFrEaK

    Game Making

    I have been working on making some games. I have just finished a FPS, it was my second game, cuz i followed a tutorial, and the first game i made was a tank shooter. I will post them later.
  7. GaMeFrEaK

    What game consoles do you own

    i own: PS2 PSP Atari 2600 Future To Own: PS3
  8. GaMeFrEaK

    JT goes portable

    i hate that guy. theres plenty more vilolent video games to target instead of GTA. btw, heres a funny image i found:
  9. GaMeFrEaK

    GTA4 Confirmed PS3 Exclusive?

    they prolly will make it for the Xbox 360, but they might have to use bigger disc on it
  10. GaMeFrEaK

    GTA4 Confirmed PS3 Exclusive?

    thanks god i am saving up for a PS3!
  11. GaMeFrEaK

    Introduce Yourself..

    hey i'm a new member. not much for me to say.