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  1. Matthew Howell

    ? about GTA SA UNITED

    Help, the camhack doesn't show everything on it when the game is being played in GTA SA UNITED. any ideas? thank you.
  2. Matthew Howell

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    please anyone i need a working, free, demo download of gta iv. anyone, thanks.
  3. Matthew Howell

    left hand driving?

    is there a way to make GTA SA traffic drive on the left hand side of the street?
  4. Matthew Howell

    Flxible Metro Bus

    Could you make a bus like that, that replaces the bus that came with the game?
  5. Matthew Howell

    Flxible Metro Bus

    Back when CATA, Capitol Area Transportation Authority, in Lansing Michigan, had the Flxible Metro Buses, I've always rode CATA to and from somewhere. I was wondering if someone could make an Flxible Metro Bus for GTA SA that replaces the BUS in the game. I have a picture here. Thank you.
  6. Matthew Howell


    The downgrade patch worked for me, but I downloaded a RTS bus, i tried to go in, boom, game crash, what can i do to fix this? please, I want to go in that bus.