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  1. whew, patay na patay na mga tao dito ah, parang dinaanan ng bagyo.., amf
  2. muka nga.., la na msyado active e.
  3. Ahahah, naging busy ako kasi sa mga online games eh. Musta na d2?
  4. oi Huck!! Noodle!! musta na? Tagal ko nawala noh?
  5. No problem, if you have any RE questions, feel free to ask :)

  6. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    What do you know about the person above you

    Recently registered in Rem's site.
  7. All I can say is lol.
  8. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    Three Word Story

    the much taller
  9. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    I've been in GTAF but I didn't register there. I decided to visit another site and it is this site. I preferred TGTAP than GTAF.
  10. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    Introduce Yourself..

    We have the same! btw welcome to the forums!
  11. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    Post your mugshots v3!

    Without hair?! wtf Chris would look like!?
  12. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    Create your next character

    ^ lol, that was a whole GTA not a character! Your GTA's very funny!
  13. MeZaMe YuMe_MoMoKu

    holy crap

    That was funny, although I also discovered it a little late.
  14. Hello SV! Have a nice day!