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    SAAT (San Andreas Audio Tool)

    GENRL is a file in data. might want to back it up first though as SAAT seems to mess up the sound files quite often.
  2. macintosh72

    vehicle reflection problem - please help

    The only thing I have done with the carcols.dat is add the colours the mod vehicle text instructs me to, other than that no changes. I just checked my version in Crossover windows and that has the same problem. Seems it is only with certain cars, others look great. Well, its an interesting problem, like a puzzle.
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum and modding gta. I have a problem with a couple of car mods where the cars I have added turn up completly silver chrome. The whole car appearing chrome. I think the reflections settings for the car models are set too high, but do not know how to adjust these. I have searched the net and forums but cannot find an answer. Can anyone help? Thanks!!
  4. macintosh72

    vehicle reflection problem - please help

    Hi Steam, Actually I have ported my windows version to Mac OSX via a Cider wrapper. All works very well, except certain cars I import turn out with chrome levels way too high. I am running a MacBook Pro, 17", 2.33 Ghz, 3GB RAM, with a graphics card ATY RadeonX1600I 1680 X 1050 resolution with 256MB VRAM. I have managed to get around most of the chrome problems by deleting chrome, specula and reflection targs in the .txd file, but a few of the really nice cars have the chrome and reflection information configured in the .dff files. Tried downloading various versions of Zmodeler to enable access to the cars .dff files, just to remove the chrome effect, but so far zmodeler does not work on any of my Crossover windows (XP, Vista, 98, 2000). I have yet to find another software that enables me to read .dff and just adjust the chrome effect. Certain cars, like JVT's cars are no problem at all and look nice with their reflections. Thanks for any advice you can provide!
  5. macintosh72

    vehicle reflection problem - please help

    For some vehicles I can delete the reflection or chrome image inside the .txd files which helps, but of course then I have no reflection at all, but at least I can see the car colours. A lot of mods do not have a reflection or chrome image inside the .txd file, so I am guessing the real information I need to get to is inside the .dff file???? 70% of vehicles I add to the game are appearing completly silver/chrome. I am guessing I have to adjust the reflection map settings of the vehicle mod, but I do not know how. Is there a mod which overides reflection maps / cube maps of vehicles? Is there a way for me to simply adjust the intensity of the reflection maps of vehicles? I have searched through the forums and can't seem to find anyone else with the same issue Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!!
  6. macintosh72

    vehicle reflection problem - please help

    Anyone out there that can at least point me in the right direction with this???? So far I have found that it maybe possible to edit the reflection strength in either the .txd or .dff file, but still trying to work out how. The cars just need a slight adjustment so the paintwork can be seen. Most cars do not have this problem, especially cars made by JVT. It seems the only cars that have the chrome problem are converts from games like Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. Any help or advice guys??