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  1. LegitModZ

    Anyone Havin this Problem ?

    i have GF 8500GT too. and GTA IV runs awesome for me. even the multiplayer
  2. LegitModZ

    Can't connect to Multiplayer

    ok, i got it work now
  3. I just get this message when i try to connect multiplayer: i bought the full game and friendlist's and everything else is working..
  4. LegitModZ

    GTA IV GameSave 100%

    ok, thanks.. i got it.
  5. LegitModZ

    GTA IV GameSave 100%

    U dont have to do all that shit just go to computer and at the top left it says organize click that then go to folder and search options, then click view and select show hidden folders then click aplly that's all u have to do. Yea, i did that.. but.. that dosent help either... is it right: c:/users/ur name/documents/rockstar games/GTA IV ? <-- there is only "user music" folder and, yea.. it shows every other hidden files
  6. LegitModZ

    GTA IV GameSave 100%

    im runing vista and i cant find that "alt" thing
  7. LegitModZ

    GTA IV GameSave 100%

    i cant make it show hidden files? so how do i do it again? like i hold alt and then what? also i cant find that hack from google
  8. LegitModZ

    GTA IV GameSave 100%

    I donwloaded it from this site. i just cant find place to move it. so where is gamesave location? C:\Users\UR NAME \Documenti\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\ <-- i dont have that kind of folder. there is just "user music folder"
  9. LegitModZ

    GTA IV vs Saints Row 2

    GTA IV. it runs better on my pc and its more realistic.
  10. LegitModZ


    This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.
  11. LegitModZ

    Grand Theft Auto IV Achievements

    what ever. if i start over again.. thats my 3rd time.. and im so borded to play same missions over and over again
  12. LegitModZ

    Grand Theft Auto IV Achievements

    I asked becouse i just reinstalled my windows, and i was getting so many achievements and now i cant. i need start over
  13. Is there anytrainer or any gamesave that let you get some achievements for Grand Theft Auto IV PC?
  14. Even if its coming, is it working with downloaded version of GTA IV
  15. Is it coming for pc? any information anyone? Thanks