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  1. The follow-up to Bloodhound is in the works, and it'll be better, harder, and more badass in every single way, so check out the 2nd trailer Feedback is appreciated, don't be shy! //Brotha
  2. My 20-minute machinima movie is finally here! What are you waiting for ? Go watch it! Watch!
  3. There won't be any Soulja Boy
  4. UPDATE Bloodhound is releasing tomorrow!
  5. Just a quick update, The scenes are almost 100 % finished, and the video will go into post-production in a day or two! Post-productions doesn't take too much time, so a release in 1-2 weeks is possible. Cheers, Brotha
  6. Sorry, get it here: http://gtahq.multiplayernetwork.net/file/1229
  7. Thanks Artur! Yeah, I am putting in some serious time into this one! and FYI, Everything seen in the video is actually from the story itself
  8. The 1st Trailer is here guys! Unfortunately YT decided to go all copyright on my ass, and took it down, so for now - Rapidshare is the only option, but trust me, it's worth it. here's the link while I work on a solution! http://rapidshare.com/files/192600130/Bloo...railer.wmv.html
  9. Thank you, I will assure you that you won't get dissapointed.
  10. BLOODHOUND "Bloodhound" is the name of my upcoming machinima movie that I'm working on. Since I didn't find any general GTA IV Video thread, I'm posting my own, I hope Chris doesn't mind! So, I've gotten GTA IV for the PC, and I've said goodbye to San Andreas. GTA IV's video editor is amazing, and I've started to utilize it for real now. My first machinima movie, Bloodhound, is a work in progress, soon to be revealed to the public. The most unique thing about this movie in my opinion, is that it feels like a movie, it sounds like a movie, and it acts like a movie. This is something I've missed-and still miss from GTA machinimas, but that will change now. Here are some features: Features - Credible Storyline - Character narrating (Some of it in Serbian,to strenghten realism) - Hollywood-styled camera handling - Not only action, but mystery and sadness all tied together in a story that makes sense! (No senseless acts of violence just for the sake of it.) - Great soundtrack that'll set the mood, whatever the scenario is. - this is a movie, not a quick-fix machinima movie created in 1 hour and has the same lenght as a cell-phone conversation with your ex. Expect 25+ minutes. - Much more when I come up with more content. Synopsis as of 25th Jan. "Niko Bellic. One Man - Many personalities." "When small-time thug Niko Bellic is left for dead, he doesn't stay dead. Now he's after whoever set him up, to find out why, and most importantly - Who." Trailer 1 http://rapidshare.com/files/192600130/Bloo...railer.wmv.html Cheers, Brotha
  11. I just got IV, and I'm testing out the ever-so-amazing video editor, here's a sample. http://se.youtube.com/watch?v=VZrROJ7zG9k Expect some major stuff coming later on. Cheers, Brotha
  12. TNF

    Happy Birthday!

  13. I'm getting a laptop soon, not for gaming, but just to have one. It is a + if it can run GTA IV though, can it ? specs: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile RAM Type: DDR2 RAM (MB): 4 096 RAM Speed (MHz): 800 Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Dedicated videomemory (MB): 512 Shared videomemory (MB): 1 791 So, can I run it ? and if so, on what settings do you reckon ?
  14. Lol, Tennis sucks. Why don't you get to host something really special, let's say...The Olympics for example ?
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