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  1. As maybe some of you know, I have made a mod very long time ago, GTA IV - Serbia, and i want to continue working on it. I dont know anything about 3D modeling, so I need help with that. Is there anyone out there willing to help? Thanks in advance.
  2. pa i nije bas toliko glupo, samo mi sranje sto drzavu kontrolise mafija... Herceg Novi je definitivno najbolji grad u CG, nema ni rusa a Mila boli kurac, nezna ga ni pokazati na karti
  3. I come from Herceg Novi, i lived there 12 years. but im born in kotor herceh novi still owns its ass Btw if you read history book, it says that montenegrins were known as the best and purest serbs
  4. I am montenegrin by my orgin, but i currently live in serbia. montenegrian and serbian are ALL THE SAME, except something that is hard to explain here. and yea i know you didnt noticed me xD noone said your'e retarded.
  5. I live in serbia... why is it that hard to believe... if you wanna see picture of me holding serbian keyboard, its not hard for me to take it btw, it is not hard for serbians to use US keyboard. we dont even got to switch to our language, we just replace some of our letters. example: Instead of Đ we write Dj my name is George, but on serbian it is Đorđe, so if i wanna write my name on someone elses keyboard, i just type Djordje. also, even our keyboard is not that different from yours, except Y is switched with Z, and Z with Y. We dont use Y in our language, but we still got it on keyboard, we also have W, X and Q, we dont use any of them. that was about our latin keyboard, cause serbians for 2 types of letters, cyrilic and latin. we dont produce cyrilic keyboards, but we got it listed in language selection on windows. its not hard to get used to that one either. it has same order of letters on keyboard as latin one, except some letters like Lj and Nj.
  6. It didnt. Milo Djukanovic, president of Montenegro did, under pressure of mafia... TOUSANDS of montenegrins was protesting to back off his desition. You gotta make a difference between Montenegro as a country and mafia that controls president.
  7. Да, Има пуно више. У перта, Мелбурн, у сви гради. Slovena ima svugde, na mesecu ih mozes naci
  8. puta madre padre espana chico amigo mucacho... thats all i know xD
  9. Wtf is ordinirati? i know it means sumthin like navigate or sumthin, but we never use that word...
  10. ARGH GOD DAMNIT... Tito was NEVER in any pact or sumthin, WE WERE 1 OF 3 FOUNDERS OF UNSORTED! (im not sure its unsorted, anyone can translate 'nesvrstani' any better?) It was Yugoslavia, Egypt and India. Unsorted acutally means we didnt belong to anyone, even not to each other... but ofc we were comunistic country, and much better organized then Russian comunism. Back in the time, Yugoslavenian passport was worth more then American is today... We were 4th Army force in the world, 5th attack and 3rd deffence. CIA wanted Tito dead, they send their contractor, he failed... (i mean, what else CIA agent would do but FAIL...)
  11. Sorry for delayed answer, I was reinstalling windows. Undercover was right, they took Kosovo, and that IS main reason I hate them, but thats not all. They are too much asslicking, which I hate the most, they are killing our people on kosovo, they took their basic human rights, they are burning down our churches... and btw, if Serbia is a body, Kosovo is heart and soul. Its the most holy part of serbia, it has more history then Albania and America togheder have. Im just saying facts Ah, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbia Especially read the History part. Also dont forget this part: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbia#Milo.C..._the_Kosovo_War 1 more thing: Today is 10 years of NATO bombing Serbia. Tousands of innocent civilians died by American's hands, illegally, and the person responsable for it was never punished for what he did.
  12. Ah my biggest fail... you know that mission, when you drive to some guy's house, you get in and find his laptop, you hack in and read his emails to find out where he is? Well, I decided to start over with game, but this time cheating free, since I already passed it once with cheats... I got to that mission, I drove all way to his house, I got in, I saw laptop, and then I tried to go on it... And then I realized I had version of a game, which makes me unable to go on computers... I had to reinstall a whole game all over again just to get on a freakin' laptop... lol... just a little add... I dunno why its bugged when I patch on its probably cause of a crack...
  13. i am leavin' a comment, tellin' ya what's crackin', droppin' by and sayin' 'yo'

  14. I have friends muslims... there are only 2 nations I hate: over nacionalistic Americans (kind of americans that think their counry controls the world, and think that they are smartest people of the world...), and a worst nation ever, also america's asslicking country: ALBANIA! Other ppl are just ok.
  15. nope, there is an armenian alphabet, and it's older than the cyrillic alphabet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_alphabet It is 1 of first cyrilic letters ever, lol. You really still use it? Btw, its not rly armenian alphabet, its only type of cyrilic you use... I can recronize alot of cyrilic letters in your alphabet I read the history part, you have many Greek cyrilic letters taken for your alphabet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_alph...000.2FXP.2F2003 WTF how do you write on this keyboard xD
  16. lol, well thanks for making a joke out of it But there IS only one Serbia and Armenia But, Macedonia is split up thanks to the Treaty of Bucharest who says im jokin' theres 1 serbia
  17. just for the record... Serbian is language split in 3 different parts: Ijekavica (Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia (croatians dont admit they actually speak serbian)) Ekavica (Serbia) Ikavica (Used by south-western Croatians only) 1m4 54m0 j3dn4 5rb1j4! ImA SAmO jEdnA SrbIjA!
  18. Lucky me to be a serbian... lol Slavs dominate this topic xD
  19. Serbian Cyrilic aka Азбука: Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ђћ Ее Жж Зз Ии Јј Кк Лл Љљ Мм Нн Њњ Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Ћћ Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Џџ Шш Serbian Latin aka Abeceda (with pronounce ) : A, a /a/ G, g /g/ O, o /o/ B, b /b/ H, h /x/ P, p /p/ C, c /ts/ I, i /i/ R, r /r/ Č, č /tʃ/ J, j /j/ S, s /s/ Ć, ć /tɕ/ K, k /k/ Š, š /ʃ/ D, d /d/ L, l /l/ T, t /t/ Dž, dž /dʒ/ Lj, lj /ʎ/ U, u /u/ Đ, đ /dʑ/ M, m /m/ V, v /ʋ/ E, e /e/ N, n /n/ Z, z /z/ F, f /f/ Nj, nj /ɲ/ Ž, ž /ʒ/ I gotta admit, I had to wiki latin alphabet I know all letters ofc, im not stupid, I MUST know it, but I didnt knew how it goes... Its not easy learning 60 letters, dont blame me
  20. lol serbia has only 30 of those and plus we have both cyrilic and latin
  21. You can watch the cutscenes in YouTube... If you have Firefox, install DownloadHelper or FlashGot, then go to rockstars website and open a trailer. DownloadHelper and FlashGot will now list it in their options (damn I sound so stupid when I explain things xD) and you can download it from there in flash format. After that just convert it with any converter
  22. da li - da can mean yes, and it can mean are ( ONLY for ARE YOU type of words) and li means you, and again ONLY for ARE YOU, DID YOU, CAN YOU type of words. si goes with li, like: da LI SI jeo? means did YOU eat? DAMN this explaining is not of my type xD
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