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  1. happy bday you pos

  2. Damn, I think Chris is the only good looking guy from the UK. Only assholes Ive seen from there are hideous.
  3. A mod. What does "a mod" constitute as? A full conversion mod? Id like a full conversion mod for SA that converts everything to your mom .
  4. Make me. By the way, what do I win if I complete this challenge? A free taco?
  5. Act normal.... hmmm how so? Define "normal".
  6. There should be a separate part of this rating thing for women, and another for men. If the women start bitching about shit being "unequal" smack em upside the fu(k1n' head to teach them some respect.
  7. The filters havent been turned on. Ive said P INNED before in my P INNED: READ THIS YOU NI GGERS spam topics. I said f uck before, and it didnt get censored. All of a sudden ever since Xenon found out I was here, TGTAP has been pussied down to where you cant even f ucking say f uck without if being f ucking censored. WORD FILTER!
  8. No there actually was one in SA. I saw it. I was like Jesus Christ man.
  9. black black blacks blackS jew JEW jews JEWS f*ck f*ck ###### ###### black and blacks is the first 4 words. Jews got through. Fu(k didnt. P1nned didnt get through which it is the last two words. Last one in caps, first one in lowercase.
  10. |\/|()7|-|3R F|_|(|{3R5! I dont cuss too much. Who cares if I do? Im still getting away with it by typing shit in 1337. Fu(kin shit eating filters.
  11. Holy shit Crimson, did you just get back from doing some shit for the Don? You look like youve just killed someone.
  12. The word filter here sucks a cock and a half. I cant say blacks, j3w5, fu(k, and I CANT SAY P1NNED! "R3"(e for 3) now makes theyre theyare. It sucks. Who the fu(k turned it on? I like how you guys made it so f1n63r1n6 couldnt be said. It was in that smiley that flips you off. You blocked that word JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE. But I win, I bet you like those smileys now huh? Its "the". I dare you to filter that word. Now the entire forum looks like a bunch of dipshits are on it. I dont know if the filters are there just for me(because some asshole has a vendetta against me) or if theyre there for everyone, or if theyre there for "non-respected" members(aka anyone other than staff(including Spazmod)). Whoever the fu(k turned that filter on should die a slow and painful death you asshole.
  13. Aw man. I made this topic . Ah memories. Remember GTA4LIFE? AHAHAHA! God damn, I cant believe that time flys like that. time. Anyway, my computer is running a AMD XP 3200+ 3.2 Ghz processor.
  14. Yeah, that Culkin dude. You look like he did back in the early 90's. Only difference between you two is the fact that he is "64y"(I dont know if you are or not, and Im not making any "false accusations" since theyare banworthy )
  15. Wow, a lot of help is being given to someone who is obviously only posting once or twice and never coming again. f*ck that asshole. Give me his email so I can spam it. f*cking assholes. To get "on topic", yes, The Black Project is the mission where you get to go into that underground base. I have pictures from inside of it on my PS2 save game file. Theres a desktop computer system that looks like one from today, when back then in 1992, desktop computers layed on their side, not standing up like they were in GTA:SA's underground base. Theres all kinds of shit you can see down there. Listen to what those people on the radio say. 50 million dollar project.... protect the alien technology or something.... and when I first played that mission, I SWEAR TO f*ckING GOD that when I got out of the base, I saw a UFO, a red one, fly across the night sky. I was like "Jesus Christ, that rules!" Unfortunately, I never saw it again, EVER again. It flew by really fast and shit. I barely noticed it and no it wasnt a plane because the planes in GTA:SA arent reddish-orange colored and they dont go up PAST where you cant fly to.
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