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  1. Oops, forgot to come back to this forum to inform you all of the progress I'm at the point where its almost time to upload this update to the internet so all of you guys can download it. Stay tuned!
  2. If that's what you want, then buy Saints Row 2 Check it out www.saintsrow.com A game which combines Saints Row 2 and GTA4 together would be epic.
  3. Have been looking into San Andreas, most likely will develop something for it as GTA3 is a pretty dead game.
  4. The next textures will be of a similar resolution. The game will work a little differently to the original GTA3. You will have a respect bar below the health bar. Respect is built up by doing side missions, once your respect is built up enough you unlock the main story missions. Each main story mission will require its own amount of respect. The side missions are all new and are as followed: Drive by's After purchasing guns/ammo from ammu-nation grab a car and go to your cell phone and select "side missions" Click on Drive by's and instructions will appear on screen. You have 60 seconds to kill as many people as possible whilst driving. If you fail to kill a certain amount of people (usually 5) you loose respect. Hostage Steal a taxi whilst someone is in it. An option will appear on screen to begin "hostage", select yes and a 40 second timer will appear on screen. Keep the hostage inside the car for that 40 second period to succeed and you will then ear respect. Mugging Go to your cell phone, select "side missions" and click on mugging. Then you have 60 seconds to kill as many people as possible and take money from every person you kill. Hit and run Go to your cell phone, select "side missions" and click on Hit and run. You have to run over as many people as possible without killing them, then drive off like nothing happened. If you gain a wanted level whilst doing this you will fail the mission. Street racing There are several locations around Liberty City where you can participate in a street race to gain respect. The street racing side mission is unique as it is the only mission that earns you cash as well as respect. Find that car Go to the garage in Portland island and you will be given a car to find. Find it and bring it back to the garage without a scratch on it. There are 12 cars to find! All other missions Missions such as taxi/police/ambulance will remain the same. No hidden packages any more Sorry. Anyway, I hope you like the new list of side missions and I will upload screen shots and videos soon!
  5. Hey guys! I'm new here, as you'll probably notice. GTA 3 is the best game in the series, for one clear reason: It set the standard! I loved the game so much I decided in early 2008 to create a whole new story for the game. So me and 4 friends got to work on doing just that! The new story mode is called "GTA 3 Lost in Liberty". You play as a new character named Lewis Jones, he is a small time criminal who is looking to make it big. You start the story in a shoot out between a rival gang, you are injured and taken to hospital... hours after you are arrested and imprisoned. You find a way to break out of jail, then you try and work your way up to the top! The download will include: - The NEW 47 mission story (Will NOT overwrite the current story, new desktop icon will appear to access it) - Updates textures from (Roads, buildings. The GTA 3 Liberty City layout will be used) - New cars - New and updated weapons I will upload images and videos very soon! It will be available to download in May 2009!
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