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  1. how much will it cost
  2. yea man im getin it pre-orderd for my b-day
  3. does any one ere like linkin park?
  4. 1:Drive north to the end of the path on harwood. 2:Harwood, roof to head Raidio staition. Get there by jumpin off the tracks 3:St. mark's, on top of the Amco gas station. 4:inside EASY CREDIT AUTOS. 5:portland beach, at salvatores mansion 6:on the leage below salvatores mansion 7:behind the bulding of hepburn heights towers. 8:in the parking lot near El burro phone in hep-burn heights 9:between trees in hepburn heights 10:One block south from amco gas station in a small parkin lot in ST. marks 11:Buliding facein large potholes in St. marks 12:park in st. marks 13:roof of building next to Luigis SEX club 7 in red light district 14:roof of sex club seven 15:the roof oposite 16:sub way in china town 17:rush construction companey in red light 18:long ally way in st. marks 19:tramp tunnel near 8-balls 20:roof of supa-save 21:ally behind hong hung inc in triad turf 22:china town roof 23:alley behind roast peaking duck in triad turf 24:inside the gates of bitch'in' dog food 25:roof of liberity pharmaceutical in trenton [use a dodo to get to it] 26:roof of portland docks 27:in a yard in trenton 28:frount of joeys garage 29:power plant in callahan 30:roof of saw mill trenton 31:behind turtle head fish co 32:at the endof the pier in atlantic quays 33:island just south of portland [acsseable by boat] you want more packages then tell me ok
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