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  1. You know you only have more likes than me because you're more attractive. This is why I need feminism.

  2. I got about 20 minutes into it and stopped when Maybe it's still good past that, I don't know. If that was supposed to capture me in... well, it failed
  3. Only one topic is necessary. Thanks, Sherm
  4. Damn.. maybe it'll come out in a DLC. I also want the Blista compact back.. not muscle, but whatever. I loved it As far as muscle goes.. love the Gauntlet, Phoenix and Ruiner. I really wish I had like a 50 car garage online, hahah.
  5. Is the Dukes in GTA5!? I miss that car!
  6. I have to go to work right now.. but I'll make a quick reply It sucks that there is so much money in the game now. I'm pretty sure that is what R* is working on.. delaying everything else because people will exploit anything and everything. I think they should have protected the money system way better to start with because micro transactions are what will fuel the free updates and DLC. I'll be playing Battlefield in the meantime, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  7. The mission from Madrazo with the lawyer and the briefcase.. the car is worth like 20k. Easy mission and easy money.
  8. I've survived a bounty once.. was messing around in a private free roam session. No good behavior bonus in a while.. I leave shitty races and tend to blow up other peoples cars while trying to buy their bounty Haha. I hop from lobby to lobby to avoid someone setting a bounty on me now though.. that, and killing the drivers of cars I want.
  9. Okay.. well, first we need more detail. Did you buy the game used? Has your system had problems like this before?
  10. Yeah, I made one race so far.. I really want to make at least one R* verified race, especially since I'm not much for death match. Just gotta get creative!
  11. I'm glad the two creative betas are coming.. I'm really looking forward to them. Although I do wish there was a "no collision" option for races.. make things more level on the playing field. I'm really excited to create new races, but what fun is it going to be if the racing is still a disaster?
  12. It's been okay here.. mid 20's and a tiny bit of snow. Keeping too wet to go ride :/ meh
  13. I thought I was the only one who liked the Stanier! I love that car, lol. Has anyone else ran into freezing issues? I just flew under a bridge.. too low and ran into a bus stop.. then my game froze :/
  14. The fighter jet is something you kinda just do.. I took the air route in. It wasn't at 100%.. I kind of hit a tank on the way out, but it was still very flyable and I didn't really have any trouble from other jets coming after me.. then again I didn't have it for a long time.
  15. I was thinking about picking up the new CoD for x-mas. I play online with Nate (and you probably.. I just need to add you on my new GT!) but that's it. No one I know really plays :/ It's unfortunate people already feel this way about the game.
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