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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Most of the thing i wish are already mentioned, but some are not... * When getting a new haircut you can't be able to shave your hair long * Your hair will grow and get longer * You can get stinky and people will say something about it, so you have to take a shower * When you get busted you will get in jail * When you do something not too bad, like crashing at slow speed in a police car or something without resisting you will not get busted, but only get like a ticket you have to pay or something * Maybe some customiseable things like weapons cars building furniture etc * No vehicles that are like almost impossible to get (like the infernus and comet that you can only get in a single mission and stevie's car list) * PLANES AND TANKS FOR CHRIST SAKE! * Realistic wounding, would be cool if you splat in pieces wehen you fall from very high (bit a werid that you will come in all piece out of the hospital tho) * Ability to turn back time like 3 minutes when you die (to make the above more realistic) * Maybe only get into the hospital if you're not fataly wounded I could post like a million things, but most of them are already posted
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