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  1. I thought I would never be able to relog into my account but Here we are :D I honestly cant remember the last time i visited the forum it must of been two or three years now... But anywho All i can say is i want to be forever young. feels like yesterday GTASA was the hot stuff and everyone was still playing SA-MP. I have finished Highschool now and have completed BCIT Diesel and i am on my way on becoming a Heavy duty mechanic! :D My grammar and spelling is horrible i am aware but I am a kid at heart that loves Grand Theft Auto.

    Chris you've kept the site up and running beautifully by the looks of it! The forum seems a little more complicated than what i remember though.

    I just wanted to pop by and say Hi is all.

    And Ive done a few things to my car as well :)


  2. Cool. I may also be getting a Honda soon, will also be my first, yes I know I'm several years late in getting a car but you all know I'm a lazy bastard :P

    Almost got a '99 Civic the other day but some tool had already bought it when we phoned up and asked to view it :(

    It wasn't a Type R though, not sure I could justify the insurance costs on one of those anyway, since too many dickheads modify the fuck out of them and crash them etc. insurance costs a fucking bomb.

    BTW, WTF is the deal with Acura in the USA. Aren't they just re-badged Honda's? Do they actually change shit? I mean they look exactly the same to me. What a waste of time. Surely would be cheaper just to import Honda's as they are, like every other country in the world, no?

    They're pretty much just rebaged Hondas, yeah. I'm not too sure what the deal with them is. It's kinda like the whole Toyota/Lexus deal. There's nothing wrong with a Honda... as long as you don't pretend its fast when its really not :P haha. Mine will never be fast.. maybe quick in the future, but it'll never see anything like 10's or 11's at the 1/4th.

    Oh, I wouldnt say that, I gotta get rid of this 350 Small block someday :P, Come with the 700r4 tranny :innocent:, Ill see what i can do when i drive down there, Might have it in the back of the Rx7

  3. Actually, The stock rear ends for mazda's can support up to 600 hp, they take a fucking lot of pressure to them and they take a beating but they are damn strong.

    < Stock suspension on a 8 second Rx7
  4. Yeah, figured it'd be just under my 'Stang. You'll definitely need to learn about suspensions. I'll definitely need to look into


    Can you say "Canadian Space Program"? :thumbsup:

    Yeah man, Struts and Coilovers are soon to be done,

  5. So how's the performance?

    A 3000 lb car w/ a 350 small block, do the math. If the rear wheels hook up, this thing'll be a white knuckle ride.

    Any emissions?

    Probably no room for them (did I mention the 350 small block in a 3000 car thing?).

    I saw Wheelman's earlier pics under the hood. Any plans to sharpen up the engine or is it just business?

    Haha, Car is 2760lb's, and its hard for it to hook up, But when it does, Holy fuck man :thumbsup:

    Emissions, lol, this car needs a plate that says GLBWRMR,

    And for Performance, yeah, Going to rebuild the block, High compression, new head's,headers,Forged pistons, and to top it off s475 turbo :whistle:

  6. nice FC :)

    lol finally someone posts in the vehicle section hahaha.

    done much to it?

    Ye Shitload done to it, Not a Rotary for a start :innocent:

    Welcome to the, er, Rotary Club, dude... Nice RX you got there... :hurrhurr:

    Yeye im suprised nobody else posted there car's in topics like these and thanks :hurrhurr:

  7. Yep, 1988 Mazda Rx7 with a few things done here and there, ;),





    Just because im 6'1 Doesnt mean i cant fit into my FC ;)


    And If you've noticed on the hood, Some fucker stomped around on there so its a bit warped and not so great, only can be seen though in these pics, cant be seen in person, only reflection catches it

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