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  1. My bush buggy, 92 4runner 4" lift 35x16x15 beadlocked TSL BOGGERS
  2. A rise from the dead. Dyno video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151333552642084&set=vb.109006572582919&type=2&theater Put down 230hp 265ftpd, Different 350 with ported heads, decent cam and a Carter 650cfm on top, I still have the 700r4 in the car aswell and its still holding up!! Boom where did i come from? More pics soon Chris if you even scan across this dont i become a legendary for still kickin?
  3. I thought I would never be able to relog into my account but Here we are I honestly cant remember the last time i visited the forum it must of been two or three years now... But anywho All i can say is i want to be forever young. feels like yesterday GTASA was the hot stuff and everyone was still playing SA-MP. I have finished Highschool now and have completed BCIT Diesel and i am on my way on becoming a Heavy duty mechanic! My grammar and spelling is horrible i am aware but I am a kid at heart that loves Grand Theft Auto. Chris you've kept the site up and running beautifully by the looks of it! The forum seems a little more complicated than what i remember though. I just wanted to pop by and say Hi is all. And Ive done a few things to my car as well
  4. Most recent mugshot, I havent been on TGTAP in a long time.... im no longer 15. Ahaha
  5. Im still alive! :D but GLS is no more :(

    1. Mike356


      that the stunting clan you had?

    2. Wheelman101


      Was Part of. Great dudes.

  6. Back home from camping, so many cuts,bruises,and random marks on my body

  7. Where did sherman Go?! that fool hasn't been on msn in so long
  8. They're pretty much just rebaged Hondas, yeah. I'm not too sure what the deal with them is. It's kinda like the whole Toyota/Lexus deal. There's nothing wrong with a Honda... as long as you don't pretend its fast when its really not haha. Mine will never be fast.. maybe quick in the future, but it'll never see anything like 10's or 11's at the 1/4th. Oh, I wouldnt say that, I gotta get rid of this 350 Small block someday , Come with the 700r4 tranny , Ill see what i can do when i drive down there, Might have it in the back of the Rx7
  9. clean up those spokes on the rim, give it a good shine.
  10. Short hair for the first time in 3 years WIN
  11. Dude that is a sick shop. Haha dude if you ever get pulled over and they see the welds on the bike they might send you in for a VI, so be careful and clean the welds up
  12. Actually, The stock rear ends for mazda's can support up to 600 hp, they take a fucking lot of pressure to them and they take a beating but they are damn strong. < Stock suspension on a 8 second Rx7
  13. UPDATE Seats are being redone in Black Vinyl A few engine bay pics And the Turbo im putting on the car
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGF6OA40eMI
  15. Yeah man, Struts and Coilovers are soon to be done,
  16. A 3000 lb car w/ a 350 small block, do the math. If the rear wheels hook up, this thing'll be a white knuckle ride. Probably no room for them (did I mention the 350 small block in a 3000 car thing?). I saw Wheelman's earlier pics under the hood. Any plans to sharpen up the engine or is it just business? Haha, Car is 2760lb's, and its hard for it to hook up, But when it does, Holy fuck man Emissions, lol, this car needs a plate that says GLBWRMR, And for Performance, yeah, Going to rebuild the block, High compression, new head's,headers,Forged pistons, and to top it off s475 turbo
  17. Ye Shitload done to it, Not a Rotary for a start Yeye im suprised nobody else posted there car's in topics like these and thanks
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