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  1. Now I feel asinine for spending all that money on a 360 JUST so I could play the Episodes...couldn't they have announced it just a little bit sooner? (Anyway I'll still play them on PS3, owning both versions & consoles I habve determined the IV performs a bit better on PS3.)
  2. I saw Johnny Klebitz walking around as a normal ped in the Westdyke area...I wasn't sure if it was him so I YouTubed "Johnny Klebitz ped" for confirmation if anyone else had seen it and I found this: So I guess it's not really a myth but it's an easter egg...
  3. -Spared all random characters except Clarence. -Killed Derrick for Francis's ability -Killed Playboy -Took the deal (the ending is more dramatic, not to mention better acted. Also I felt like it flowed better because...) [i want to say why I think it flowed better but I dunno how how to do "spoiler" tags.] Also I did all the above stuff on my 2nd play through...the first I did the same except killed Francis and took revenge.
  4. You guys are all putting waaay too much thought into this...it's just meant to make people anticipate and keep them guessing (exactly like we're all doing!). The rip is just supposed to mean that someone ripped out the title of the next game/city. They just want us to guess what words were there...the whole Paris angle was a fresh idea but now that we know that it wasnt trying to say that, it's time to move on.
  5. Im runnin GTA - Liberty City TC mod and Ive got everything except the original GTA3 Cutscenes. I have never owned a GTA3 PC disc, so I dont have the necessary files for this. I also tried extracting the cutscene audio from my PS2 version of the game but that doesnt work either. So Im asking for one of two things: 1. A copy of the original GTA3 cutscene audio (preferred) 2. Or, at least a list of what the file names should be so I can rename my PS2 extracts to be read by the mod. (It'll be a b*tch, but I'll do it if thats what it takes.) STOP THE SILENCE!!!!! LOL
  6. I question the "alternate univese" concept. There are just too many references to all be easter eggs. Love Fist are mentioned multiple times, the mansion, Lazlow saying he used to work on Chatterbox, the TVs that have images from San Andreas on them, they are found all over the place. I think this city is in the same universe, it just "replaces" the other city. So the other city never actually existed. Meaning that, while canon, Claude and Toni's missions took place in this city. This is just IMO, I understand no one else takes this view. And despite the graffiti, I think Claude is still alive. Cause you can't kill him, he is just too good for that, and he was too young to die of old age. (That last bit was all IMO, of course, however ridiculous MO is )
  7. Maybe instead of being a new LC, we are meant to think the city was always like this (the generation jump made it more "clear"? ). Because there are other similarities. Francis Intnl. carries thev same title, Lazlow references that he used to work on Chatterbox, etc. This would explain why the websites and the radio characters treat the game as part of the same continuity as previous ones, too.
  8. I know it's not the same Liberty City. Hence why I question the existence (and strangely familiar placement) of the mansion.
  9. In the northeastern corner of Alderney, I found Salvatore's old (now boarded up) mansion, complete with the long driveway. It seems like it was featured in a mission, but i can't remember.
  10. Yes, Husky, i have played LCS. But this has choppers without the long-winded 'False Idols' Procedure. Plus Claude makes Toni look like a n00b.
  11. Is that mod downloadable here? Also, while i have 100 percented both the PS2 and PC versions, I have only gotten to back to LC via hell on PS2. How would i go about getting there on the PC? (Feel free to redirect me to another thread that explains this.)
  12. Ok. We all know part of Liberty City is in SA. To call this common knowledge would be an understatement. Now i know mods exist to turn SA into LC, we have enough of those. I'm talking something a bit more basic: make what's already there solid. I have no skill whatsoever with making mods, but has someone with modding skills already done this? And if not, could it be done? Cause on top of that, it would also be cool to like, have cars spawn in front of the Bistro and you could drive around. Any takers?
  13. Ok i have seen pretty much everything there is to see in all the PS2 GTAs so let me take a crack at this: 1.UFO - FALSE 2.Ghost car - TRUE (glitch) 3.Jaws - FALSE 4.Mass grave - TRUE 5.Loch ness monster - FALSE 6.Ghost town figure - TRUE 7.Mothman - NOT SURE 8.Ghost vortex - TRUE (glitch) 9.Suicidal photographers - TRUE 10.Shady Creek creature - FALSE 11.Weird horn - WTF DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? 12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy) - NOT SURE 13.Blue hell - TRUE (glitch) 14.The Cult farm - TRUE 15.Epsilon cultists - TRUE 16.Glowing grave - TRUE 17.Scott Wilson's grave - WTF? WHO MADE THIS S**T UP? 18.Ghost grafitti - TRUE 19.Mount Chiliad ghost car - TRUE 20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices? - FALSE 21.SPAZ guy - FALSE 22.The cane - AN ITEM, NOT A MYTH. 23.UFO map - TRUE 24.Bigfoot? - ABSOLUTELY FALSE 25.Leatherface? - FALSE, BUT IS POSSIBLE WITH A MOD 26.Pigsy? - FALSE 27.Cris Formage - FALSE 28.The Truth - A CHARACTER, NOT A MYTH 29.CJ's Moms ghost - ABSOLUTELY, 150% FALSE 30.The ring girl - FALSE 31.Vice City maps TRUE 32.Open grave - TRUE 33.TV on grave - TRUE 34.Cobra MARITAL arts - A SIGN, NOT A MYTH 35.Bio waste well - TRUE 36.Fort Carson tunnel - TRUE 37.Phone booth? - FALSE 38.Not welcome mat - TRUE Also, I have another one to add: 39. Sky door (yellow marker a bove Fort Carson/Bone County CLuckin' Bell) - TRUE, BUT EFFECT STILL UNKNOWN
  14. I got this mod from blasteroids.com that transforms VC into LC, and turns Tommy into Claude. You can now use Motorcycles in LC! And Choppers! This is f**king awesome! PS: Feel free to call me a n00b. Im somewhat new to mods, as prior to this week, I only played PS2/3 GTAs.
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