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    watching the sites progress, playing gta3 + vice city, cant wait for SA!!! filming, sleeping, just chillin out, smokin blunts. playing comp. games, PS2, xbox and a lil bit of gamecube. d-block hood legends
  1. swankerboy

    garage roof jump

    1. i used a cheeta, stinger, infernus, and all the fast type cars, i even tried that frolicking lowrider car. 2. what angle? and angle where you land next to the trees? 3. i also need help with that unique jump where you go over the bridge connecting staunton island and portland. SOMEONE HELP!
  2. swankerboy

    garage roof jump

    in staunton island, the multistory garage that has the ramp at the top of it, i tried doing it so i could get the UNIQUE STUNT BONUS thing, but to do it i need to reach past the trees onto the opposite street right? i used the cheeta, infernus, stinger, yakuza stinger, and every single fast ass car in the game, but i can never clear that damn jump, i alwayts land in the last "box" that has the plants and trees in it. btw, its the big white garage next to the pay'n'spray. someone help! e-mail me at [email protected]
  3. swankerboy


    i have AIM, my sn is swankerpoo. please feel free to IM me whenever im on, i would also like to know other peoples sn's that love san andreas, if you can PM please
  4. swankerboy

    gta chicks

    oh crap i forgot about her i wouldve defenitly added her to the list if i remembered her though
  5. swankerboy

    gta chicks

    i got bored
  6. swankerboy

    why not XboX

    (censored) man its bad either way. this is probably gunna be one of the greatest games out there and mad kids with xbox only (including me) are gun be without our GTA-SA. i mean i got PC too and i got enough space and everything but (censored) man my ----- is (censored) up BAD!!!
  7. swankerboy

    why not XboX

    Rockstar games have been known to come out for Xbox fast such as max payne and red dead revolver. why havent they said they would release gta-sa for xbox too instead of just ps2 or PC? what gives?
  8. swankerboy

    GTA-SA Rating

    just a quick poll. seein how you would think GTA-SA is gunna do on sales and such. LAAAAAAAATE
  9. swankerboy


    new stuff i think they should have, just bear with me please i know this is old and probably all the stuff is said already but here: -gangs 1.recruit whole gangs 2. hired-hands 3. jump people from the street so they can join your gang. 4. spray paint (graffiti or used as a weapon!!) 5. Types of gang you can choose - Mafia, Crew(small gang), Big gang, Big ballers( casinos and such. money business), business gang, drugs, weapons, Power gang -Vehicles A. ive seen contraversies as to the subject if the cars should have gas or not. 1. some cars last longer on gas than others or 2. cars have no gas, but a seriously damaged car can break down. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. i agree with a speedometer 4. different radio stations 5. at car dealerships you should be able to -a. order a car in a certain color -b. custom rims -c. interior designs -d. performance enhancments 6. better types of cars. -Civilian, such... 1. better AI 2. run at sight of gun, but only guns, not bats, swords, knifes, such 3. gang members place their guns in their pants so guns can be carried anywhere without noticment. 4. cops holster their guns inside their jackets with a gun holster, like the P.I.s have in those 80s movies. 5. some random people on the street have weapons. 6. muggers with knives, guns. 7. i think bringin children into the game would bring contreversy, but teenagers hanging out on their block is a good idea. 8. random arguments in a restraunt, market, or on the street 9. riots every other month (game time). or a level where you start a riot 10. if your in a residential building theres should be a window somewhere where if you use your sniper scope you can see two ladies, or a lady and a guy doing it or a chick taking a shower or something. -Weapons 1.someone cant hold a rocket launcher in their pants so i guess that you could call some guy, the game pauses and you pick out which weapons he should bring the weapons you chose and probably 2 gang members to help your troubles out, carry the guns, or do your dirty work. 2. guns your can carry unnoticable: a. uzi b. handgun c. knife d. shotgun(if you have a trench coat probably) e. carry a rocket launcher or better yet a sniper rifle in a kick ass metal suitcase like an assassin. f. nades 3. more varieties of weapons, and carrying two of the same weapon and two uzis, pistols, shotguns, knives. -Misc. 1. Bigger maps 2. Custom clothes 3. Better terrain 4. more indoor activities 5. gym, pool, park 6. indoor in most publis buildings 7. backdoors, garages leading to inside of business building 8. .... thats all i can think of now. if you want to talk to me via AIM my screen name is swankerpoo (dont ask). thanks! bye