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  1. Heh men,ya can convert without helmet swat member to military guy?i have seen...no military in GTA IV:(

  2. Sorry, I can't edit my last post, so I have to double post... The mod has been released by vans123, here's a video of the mod (the download link is in the description) And someone has made a video on how to install the mod: It's only in alpha stages, so you may encounter some bugs, if so, please post them here as you find them, and we will try to fix them.
  3. I am unable to convert beta peds, but if they're not beta, and I happen to find them in componentpeds.img, I'll convert them for you.
  4. Learning Russian :)

    1. b-dog


      guy pass me a tutorial on how to convert the peds gta iv guy please I beg I've already learned td just need to convert thanks!

    2. b-dog


      if possible add in my email>> pedro.barug @ hotmail.com thanks again!

  5. Thanks Samil, and yeah, I have talked to Batuhan before, he has previously stolen my mod, so I don't trust him either.

  6. Hey Sherman, sorry about the long wait for any progress from me or vans123, here's a video of what vans has done of Algonquin: I'm currently working on another part of Algonquin.
  7. GUIANE ADAM, I'm not using ENB Series at the moment, sorry. Thanks chevs10zach! I will most probably be converting every ped when the mod I'm currently working on, "GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion", is completed.
  8. It has the same progress as Ryan's. I don't trust that batuhan guy.

  9. They stole his mod? Maybe they are working on the same kind of mod like Ryan's team, who knows.Yet, if it's stolen...

    But I doubt someone could have get his or her hands on this total conversion.

    By the way Ryan, loved your NOOSE skin!

  10. That Jonathon guy had a team that stole your mod. They said "dude, do you want gta iv 's liberty city to your SA?" and I said Yes. But they said "It's just Broker we'll still convert the rest." The guy's name is Batuhan.

  11. OK. I herad there were many guys angry of you in GTAF. OK. May you send me a link to where you downloaded your 3ds max and it's add-ons.

  12. Ryan look on the bright side, it's -7 now lol. xD

  13. Hey, thanks Samil, I'm not sure why I have Reputation of -8... Although I'm pretty sure I know who did it, but I really shouldn't go pointing the finger. GUIANE ADAM, I thought I made it clear in my ped conversion topic that I don't take requests. That means, don't request. Thankyou.

  14. OK, thanks Samil, I understood you. We aren't converting the San Andreas map for GTAIV, we're converting GTAIV's map, Liberty City, for GTASA, so that less fortunate people may be able to play GTASA and be able to experience that awesomeness of GTAIV's Liberty City.
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