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  1. Yeah, I've been banned on this forum, like 2 minutes ago. Oh noes.
  3. This Mod is a Work in Progress (WIP). Feel free to comment on whatever about my textures, as these are full with mistakes, and I may not have seen some yet. Feedback from you can make my mod better for everybody. It isnt mature/cool/freindly/nice/helpfull to call my mod crap without saying anything intelligent. People who want to help out with this mod are welcome! Hello. I am making police cars of the LSPD, LSPD C.R.A.S.H unit, SFPD, SAPD State Troopers, and LVPD. I am about 85% complete. I am looking for a SWAT-style van with a template for paintjobs, and badges for the LSPD, LVPD, SFPD, and SAPD. There are blank areas left on the the cars where I shall place them, except for the SAPD, as I just found a suitable badge for the San Andreas police department. I still urgently need the others. All of these are crown vics, but I might redo some as Dodge Chargers, or Chevolet Impala's. OK. These are the screenshots Ive taken so far. I havent gotten permission from Shaceft (I forget his name...) to realease the mod, so when I complete this I will ask him. I am sure he has an account on this forum! PLEASE NOTE: this is WIP. All textures are missing some things, like DIAL 911 stickers and the police badges, which I cant find. If you like to help, please post here + PM me. I can send you the .PSD's if I trust you. LSPD Patrol Veichle Ford Crown Victoria. This is kinda similar to the standard LSPD cruiser from 1992, except there are some changes. LSPD is in smaller text, and POLICE is written above it. There is a blue bolt across the side of the car. And there is an blue arrow spreading from the upper bootlid, across the roof, and across the bonnet. I have also placed some random bumper decals for fun, which contains the logo for gay pride (Pink Triangle) as a tounge-in-check humourous joke. This car replaces the LSPD Police Car, aka Copcarla LSPD C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Agaisnt Street Hoodlums) Community Policing Veichle. It looks weird, doenst it. Well, it is supposed to look less ovious as a police car from a distance. If you were a gangbanger, you would try and hide something if you saw a black and white, wouldnt ya? Besides a lightbar and "LSPD" and "C.R.A.S.H" written on the side, this looks like some random chavved up vic. The rocks seen under the orange paintjob create an image of toughness. The white lines shavved over it create some contrast, while the yellow lines all over the roof make the car easier to see from the air, and make sure you can read the unit number more clearly. It is bright, so it is highly visible. This replaces the FBI Truck. Las Venturas Police Department Cruiser Complete with a pushbar, this is a very good police car. Its specced to the top! Why green, you ask? Well, the inspiration came from before I modded GTASA. I was playing around, and when I used my trainer to spawn the Copcarvg LVPD police car, I acidentaly choose a dark green as a colour. The result was magical.. BEAUTIFUL. I loved it. Dark green. Loved its shine. Well, I made this green. Dammit, its exactly the same bright green as the ugly VCPD police cars. Oh well, I tried. It is the same kinda livery pattern as the VCPD, except a slight bug which I forgot to fix: The B pillar is green. I shall fix this on the final eidt. This car has a POLICE and LVPD written all over it, with Las Venturas in a elegant handwriting font above POLICE in most cases. I love the way I put LVPD on the upper bonnet on both sides.... Replaces the LVPD police car, aka Copcarvg. San Andreas State Police/State Trooper/Sherrif This is a top-spec police cruiser. Like the LVPD car. The paintjob is inspired by the Georgia State Trooper. White bonnet, White roof, White boot, blue everything else. I am deciving between "STATE POLICE", "SHERRIF", and "STATE TROOPER" for decal names. As you see it despertly needs badges. OK. I cant fix the blue B pillar. It's suposed to be white. If you wanna help I can lend you the PSD. Replaces the Police Ranger, AKA copcarru. Please note: This still has the beta screenshot displayed. San Fierro Police Department Patrol Car I always think of departments which use white cars with stripes on the side alittle bit soft and freindly, and the SFPD is soft and freindly compared to the other compartments. When a man with a moustache busts you and says "You have the right to talk to a therapist", you think his either gay, or has a very softie personality. So thats why I made the SFPD crusier a f*cking metrosexual white scheme. It has anarrow along the side, across the boot, roof, and bonnet, and an fat arrow awrkwardly placed on the C pillar. The police text is small, and it the scheme doesnt carry the law as much, like my other paintjobs. This car echoe's the SFPD's softy personality issues. OK. I might remove the C pillar stripe and roof stripe, so relax. This car replaces the SFPD car, aka Copcarsf.
  4. It's up on gtagarage.com Its in the San Andrea's livery. I did this in 30minutes. I hope you enjoy it. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=6012 Screenshots at the download site.
  5. What do you want in the next GTA? I have my list: 1. Pegassi Cheetah Its based off the Lotus Evora, Audi R8 rear lights. The C pillar is different on the ingame parody though. Great handling, Great aceleration, and a 200MPH top speed. http://babudeepan.files.wordpress.com/2008...w=500&h=375 2. Bennefactor Mestribey Smart car parody. Funny comericials follow in-game. Its a tincan with a ant inside using it as a hamster ball. In other words, it\'s duribility is crap, and speed and aceleration are slow. But handling is tight! 3. FlyUS/Juank Airlines AT-X500 Generic passenger jet, a larger sucessor to San Adrea\'s AT400. 4 engines. Although very hard, you can locate the keys to fly this ingame. 4. Jobuilt Tanker Now a more modern truck. Generic design, profile is like some Volvo/Scania. OK duribility for a truck, great aceleration, the best handling, and a steady top speed. 5. Tinny We All knew it was coming. So light that under hard aceleration, it pops wheelies! 6. Annis ZR410 The sucessor to the ZR350. Based off the Nissan R35 GTR, this takes cues from the Proto and production model, some things taken from the Mazda RX8. Duribility is lackbuster, handling is the best ingame, also awesome aceleration, and 190MPH top speed. Which ones do YOU wish for. Remember to include brand names from the GTA world. http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles
  6. Nice bump... FC2 hasnt got many cars, and it hasnt got as many mods as GTA. Also its only out on the next gen consoles.
  7. Hi my name is Awesomeness, and I got banned from GTAFORUMS.com over a joke. I said habbo was a cybering site and provided links to it. It wasnt. So I turn over a new leaf on another forum, is that OK with all you guys?
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