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  1. I have had this game on my computer befor. I had it downgraded and I had vehicals modded ect ect.. well I got bored of it and it was filling up my hard drive so I uninstalled it. Well now I want to play it again and when installing, it errored out about 1/3 the way through. It left a launch icon on my desk top but that just errors out. when I try to uninstall it, it errors out. I'm not shure what to do.
  2. OK, I've downloaded 3 cars and 1 boat for GTA SA. I have SAMI and WinRAR. I have v.2 but I've downloaded the downgrade pack. I used winrar on my '94 Dodge 2500 and I then used SAMI to install it, so to speak. Its not giveing me any errors and it sais its installed fine but when I exit SAMI and lanch GTA, everything runns just fine. But its like the vehicles I've downloaded arent there. For example, my Dodge replaces the Bobcat. When I launch the game, the dodge nor the bobcat can be found. any help is mutch appreciated Thanks, Aaron
  3. tonka

    Vehicle edit request

    I thing that this is the right place to post this, if not plz move it to the right place. I was wondering if Someone coulg make/edit another Dodge Ram 2500 vehicle. I was hopeing someone could make it lifted with bigger tires (not the monster truck big) and make it really fast. I'd also like to have the ones with the roll bar, snorkle and CB intina. Maby even a brush guard. I added a pic of the size of truck I had in mind. I also pasted the link of the origonal mod. And Pumbars, you made an exelent truck! http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1053 http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/TC_94Dge_5.jpg
  4. tonka

    can some1 please help with sved games

    Sorry if I missunder stood you. I have the 2.0v but I have donloaded and installed the downgrade pack. Are you saying that even though I did that I still cant use a downloaded saved game? And I too am haveing the problem where it just starts a new game.
  5. tonka

    saved game help

    I'm haveing alot of problems trying to use compleated profiles too, sorry I cant help ya but if I find anythingf out I'll let ya know.
  6. tonka

    More profile problems

    Ok, my bad. Feel free to delete this post if you would like.
  7. OK, I got downloaded profiles to work, but no matter what, when you load them they start you off at the very begining of the game. No stats or anything. Its wierd.
  8. tonka

    Help with vehicle mods

    I figgured out how to load the vehicles. Not shure what I was doing wrong but I found out how to do them the right way. A few vehicles dont work right but I'm not complaning.
  9. tonka

    Downloaded Profiles

    I even tryed 3 other 100% compleated profiles with the exact same result. any ideas? I think I'm going to try uninstalling GTA and starting fresh as the only thing I have accomplished is getting a few vehicle modds.
  10. I downloaded the King_of_San_Andreas compleated save. I'm not shure how to be able to load it in the game though. I have SAMI, the downgrader pack and winrar. any help would be mutch appreciated!
  11. tonka

    Downloaded Profiles

    OK. I did that but now after it loads the game crashes.