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  1. freefallin

    saved game help

    What version game do you have? If you have version 2, it won't load version 1 files. And if you have v1, then you can load v1 as well as v2 files, provided that you have put proper script files in data\script folder. You can convert your saves at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm Thank you soooo much man your such a life-saver
  2. freefallin

    What antivirus do you use?

    i use avast but norton messes up my computers
  3. freefallin

    saved game help

    I downloaded a saved game from the download section on TGTAP now when I start the game the game crashes when it is done loading...any1 knows how to fix this problem (PS I restarted my computer and still doesn't work...)
  4. freefallin

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    Audi R8 or the Audi RSQ concept (bullet)
  5. freefallin

    How to I change my skin on Vice City?

    Why, welcome to TGTAP if you got the skin file upload it to my documents>then GTA Vice City user files (PC way) then it should probably work...
  6. freefallin

    100% complete mod help

    If you continue to have problems, try reading the advice here. thx helped but I got a new problem
  7. freefallin

    SA Modding Guide

    if you look on the disc (PC version) look almost in the center and it should say (enter version here) edition google "downgrader patch for san andreas"
  8. freefallin

    100% complete mod help

    when i go to download a RAR or ZIP file on here it will save in the file i want it to...but the thing that i need help with is.... SAMI (san andreas mod installer) says that the 100% game mod is not compatible with SAMI and idk what to do??? come someone give me some advice?? PS : plz excuse the poll :l
  9. freefallin

    SA Modding Guide

    the reson why that is happening is bc r* made v2 of gta:sa and u downgrade the v2 into v1 and then mod it
  10. freefallin


    srry for not being on...i had irl issues to take care of... i googled the downgrader patch and found it i will post a reply when i get the file downloaded and yes i got v2 of GTA:SA
  11. Well from what i've been told MrLlamaLlama, people like R* sell the eletronic verison to the people that buy it (Sony,Microsoft,Etc...)
  12. well in order to sell it on PS store,Sony has to buy the game from R* and then they could sell it on PS store
  13. I highly doubt that R* will sell Sony GTA:SA for the PS store
  14. freefallin


    For some reason my my computer will play GTA:SA (PC version) and when i try to uninstall it that way i can get mods put on it keeps reading an error saying "setup.exe has stoped working".Can anyone tell me why it's doing this??