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  1. I made sure to hit cancel when it asked me to block the process/application the first time I ran it. I'll check out the virus software,see if i can fix it... the little airplane icon for the spawn tool doesnt even show, all i get is the basic .exe icon
  2. If you are trying to mod the second edition (v2.0) then you are going to have no luck. SA downgrader thread
  3. Alright guys I need some help here. I just got a new system, with Xp SP3 , Installed gta:sa downgraded, transferred my old gta3.img, vehicles.ide, carcols,carmods and handling files, so that I wouldnt have to go throught all the relacing of vehicles again. i then proceeded to unzip the car spawner archive, and open it. I got a message from my antivirus, it detected the trainer asa threat, but i ignored it , knowing that all trainers do the same thing. when I try to open the application 'carspawner.exe' i am told 'you do not have permission to access this file' I am running the administrator account, and everything looks the way it should, but this damn thing wont open for me. I've tried everythign i can think of. anybody have any ideas of what the hell is going on?
  4. Sam, gta:sa has speed/height constraints as far as airplanes are concerned...I was looking at some mods at gta-worldmods.de and there were links to aboard topic in which they were discussing how to modify/remove these limits...check out the airplane section over there.
  5. I've just tried to submit a POtd to your huge list to get through, but it would not let me do it, and kept telling me to enter a valid email address. I tried the address that I supplied upon registration, but still nothing....so here it is awww yea.
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