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  1. ^ Some people (including me) interpretted "Deathwish" as meaning that Franklin would be killed off. Anyways, looks like I was wrong to pick Trevor. Now I'll have to replay a few hours of the game from a save I luckily have. My fault. Should've saved more often. Pretty crazy how they just let you kill off a character like that.
  2. NYHH- (that includes the hyphen). I'm not able to play much because of university, so the times that I'll be on will be few and far between. There's your warning, but feel free. I'll be on during holidays and random weekends.
  3. Is it just me, or does Franklin really sound like CJ? Especially at , for example.
  4. I don't think I'm really surprised. This is Rockstar we're talking about, and it's pretty much a given that they'll delay a game if they need the time. I remember GTA IV being delayed, and according to my googlefu it appears that RDR and LA Noire were also delayed before their releases. It's just disappointing that they had to turn their back on their promise of Spring 2013.
  5. All this information just makes my imagination go wild. Wow. Also, I'm really interested in what specialities each protagonist will have. I'm fairly certain Franklin will be able to unleash his dog Chop that we see there in addition to be the driver of the three, but I'm interested in what they mean when they refer to Michael as the "smooth operator". Oh, and that 2nd trailer is coming up in 2 days... I'm still trying to digest all this information. I still can't believe they're unleashing all this info now when Rockstar were tight-lipped about everything only a month ago. And we still have a lot more to know about -- eg. the wanted system.
  6. Oh my god. Pictures like the 2nd snapshot there is the reason why I can't wait. Conversely, I noticed that the 1st snapshot has a less-appetizing grey blur above the buildings like in Liberty City. Intentional or not, it fits in the "realism" front. It looks like smog, which LA is known for. Also, as the GTA player I am, I have this itch to push those people off that dock there...
  7. NotYouHaha


    Wow, that's amazing. I haven't met another PotatoOrgy fan outside of his comments and livestreams-- nice to know that there's another fan of his here. Anyways, for anyone else reading, since this is a GTA forum, I refer you to his Team Mongoose Plays series. Specifically his GTAIV videos: His group of friends are the coolest, most likeable bunch ever.
  8. Well, there were televisions in GTA IV, but a tv station named GTA TV or Rockstar TV? Sounds quite unlikely to me. I was thinking that a rebranding or deviation from the Social Club TV (https://tv.rockstargames.com/) might be more likely. Maybe a bigger replay/theatre feature being on all consoles instead of just PC? Only a wild guess, but it may make sense due to how popular YouTube videos are, these days.
  9. I think I'd prefer a realistic atmosphere rather than an over the top one. It depends on how much realism and "over-the-topness" you want though. Saints Row 3, for example, was definitely way too over-the-top for me; furries driving on the street and police in sports cars didn't seem right to me. On the other hand, I don't want a full-blown simulator, where real-life science and actualities are in the game. A Grand Theft Auto that works like a Hollywood-styled movie would be great for me. What I mean is that many of the busted Hollywood-myths from Mythbusters would be in the game like lying on the ground avoids shrapnel from grenades. It should resemble real-life (without the minor details, ie. no RL car brands), with Hollywood-styled action underneath (explosions, chases, the sorts). I guess that I actually would prefer neither realism or over-the-topness, but a nice balance between the two?
  10. This has now been fixed. Thanks. Can you confirm it now works? (May need to clear cache) Yep, it is working well now.
  11. Actually, I can't get a drop down box to appear on my iPod or my desktop browsers in fact. i just noticed that the search bar goes off the screen on my device.
  12. I can't download attachment. I get error #10171, no permission. Device:iPod Touch 2G OS Version:iOS 4.2.1 Browser (and version, if known):Safari, likely the latest one available for my device version Notes: No drop down on search box, but I'm guessing this is intentionally done for older devices? Tiny thing, the black box does not expand to fit text on article pages. ex. "View/Comments (You need to..." on m.thegtaplace.comnews/27350/gta-iii-for-android-updated-ios-update-coming-soon/#comments When rotating from portrait to landscape, the page (such as m.thegtaplace.com/topdown/) does not automatically fit to screen size. Nothing major.
  13. Stop trolling. If you bothered to actually watch the trailer, they're promising pedestrians, traffic, vehicles, atmosphere, radio, on top of the map being brought back. We can't even make the assumption that the mod is even 15% done, we don't even know what exactly they're planning as the full release (ex. if missions are ported). Stop being such a bore, they're making this mod voluntarily for the community and you're not paying a cent.
  14. wtf does that mean? :/ Can you just answer the question? Honestly, your statement makes no sense. Someone is asking what that means and you reply with just a ' :/ ' face... Can't you backup whatever you said? This is just a flatout annoying problem with forums, people are posting messages when they have absolutely nothing to say or add to the discussion. As for the multiplayer in GTA V, hopefully it'll be a lot more stable with a better matchmaking system. The cellphone hid the multiplayer system, and the UI for joining games and lobbies were just confusing in GTA IV. The multiplayer wasn't bad though. There's a Youtuber by the name of GTAmissions who continues to have multiplayer events with his fans to this day . Would be nice to have more game modes but a reliable multiplayer system and UI should be of top importance so that people don't just play GTA single player.I'd love to see multiplayer take a bigger role in GTA, even if it's just multiplayer missions similar to the Spec Ops missions from Call of Duty.
  15. You like IV better then San Andreas? >< Gimmi gameplay over graphics ANY DAY Yes, but I'm not saying that I like GTA IV just because of the graphical improvements. San Andreas had a lot of features, yes, but I feel GTA IV was better due to many things. A better wanted system, more diverse pedestrians, more advanced AI, a better vehicle damage system, a better storyline (I didn't enjoy San Andreas' gangster storyline as much). I did like San Andreas, I had spent many, many hours playing with mods as well as SA:MP and MTA:SA. Still, I think GTA IV is a better game if you don't take into account the mods.Sorry for getting a little off-topic there, but hopefully GTA V will make both GTA IV and San Andreas fans happy.
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