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  1. Who scrapt the petrol station idea !?!? A petrol station would great! aspecialy if u were in a massive police chase. u would have to change car every couple of hours! the police wouldnt last long niever. Can Someone Tell Me Where The Idea Has Gone or What Happened to it!? it would be nice to know.
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    well i've heard that the car show room in vice city is coming back so it would be cool to buy it but once u've bought it u get a list of cars u can buy to show in ur show room. Once u get ur cars in the window it would be cool if u were 2 sell em' for a bit of income. Plus if peds buy ur cars it would be cool if all of ur cars from da show room had a sticker put on the door sayin the name of ur show room just so u no that 1 of ur cars could be on ur block. this is my first reply eva!!!