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  1. Yeah, I know. Its my avatar actually. Thanks! :)

  2. That Sig is Fuckin Funny!!!

  3. You idiot, do it at night and you'll see. Just do it in your room, when your about to sleep, just do it.
  4. You got spooked? At what time did you do this? Of course I got spooked man, I don't recall the exact hour but it was at night. Holy crap, dude! If I slept at your house, I would attempt it with you, but standing right in front of you because I don't want Bloody Mary touching me!!
  5. You got spooked? At what time did you do this?
  6. Ooh...Damn. Thats BS for me too, because I lost my copy of San Andreas PC version...Who really cares though, I bought it new for $19.99 off of Gamestop and I was driving along home and my car kept on shaking because of the bumpy-piss-ass annoying road...Then the CD ended up with a 3 scratchy lines. Its very obvious.
  7. LMFAO!! No, but really, did you try out "Bloody Mary?"
  8. I got it between seven and eight under "Hot." ... I'm SEXY!!! YAY!!!
  9. Have you guys ever done the "Bloody Mary?" My friend came over at my house for a sleep over and he chatted me up about "Bloody Mary." I asked him how does this happen. And he answers to the following steps: 1.) Stare at the mirror. 2.) Fold your hands and say "Bloody Mary" three times. 3.) After that, spin around three times and she'll appear. I have never done that, he also said that it occurs if you do that at night.
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