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  1. here i am patiently waiting for the PC version to be released and i see this the suspense is killing me lol
  2. Goddamnit any signs of it being released for PC soon?? I can't wait another 3 years before i play it like I did with GTA IV lol
  3. hey guys beta 3 is already out. http://www.gtaivsa.com/download/ looks awesome! in the middle of downloading it now
  4. Merry Christmas everyone, kinda late for that but who cares? Got meself a new graphics card n finally can play these awesome new games without laggin! yea
  5. I find The Other Guys very funny!
  6. Alright I wanna play L4D2 with 3 of my buds but offline with LAN connection obviously, since each of our laptops only has 1 LAN port is it possible for 4 of us to play offline by connecting all the LAN cables to my external modem??? To make things clear I can't really play online with my buds coz of the shitty internet here and I dont really want to spend alot on the internet bill
  7. I looked up this pyramid head guy in youtube coz I got so curious and all I get is him raping some sort of shit. so much for being scarry, it actually made me horny! lol The only thing scarry in that game is the tank especially when he knocks out all ur friends and starts chasing u jeezes it was crazy shit
  8. Is left 4 dead that scarry?? I find it amusing lol I dont really like playing horror games (except for L4D n L4D2) thanks to being too curious to see what Resident Evil was like when I was like 5 years old and got shit scarred for 2 months lol but from seeing a bit of my friends play, I guess Dead Space and Silent Hill Homecoming are kinda scarry
  9. Come on guys give him a break, he's not THAT bad... is he? to be on topic, i would be playing that game if only i had more RAM and a better graphics card. To be curious why r u asking anyways?
  10. lol I can't find the redistributable folder anywhere! God I'm hopeless...
  11. k, i downloaded razors crack (sounds akward lol) and when i launch it it says "Error SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [2000]" looked for solutions for that but all i can find r users complaining about it so uh I need more help please!
  12. ok, so when i installed EFLC and when i clicked exe. it said it couldn't find xlive.dll so i downloaded the latest gfwl and it worked up until when it reached the R* logo then it crashed, so i looked up for a solution and fixed the registry and that worked up until the TLAD loading screen then it crashes again.... I've been looking for the solution all around and they said i should download xliveless and delete files in the temp folder, so i tried that but that still didn't work, what the hell is wrong?? please help, i've been downloading this thing for ages and now it's giving me the shits...
  13. The only thing I'm worried about is that can it be played on my computer??? Well at least better than SR2, I still remember the superlag...
  14. This looks fucking awesome! So many awesome mods now! and it's only around 100mb! Holy Jesus! Hope he continues working on it...
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