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  1. schua

    VC vs. VCS

    It paved the way for Tommy's conquest. Hmm. In VC, people always tried to get to the other island to get the Maverick.
  2. High Wire. (James Bond - You Only Live Twice)
  3. schua

    Next GTA Location

    Vice City. Preserve the names. Vice Point, Washington Beach, etc. For short, expand the city. Just don't make Vice a lonely island. Also perk up the beaches, add more tourist traps... etc. Make Downtown MORE downtown (high-rise everything, helipads, and make hyman stadium an attraction.). Make Leaf Links MORE Leaf Links (lounges, country club area and an advanced driving range).
  4. schua

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Next? A visit to the GTA3 canon (we might as well see Tommy on the Star Mansion,) and of course the GTA4 Canon still connecting...