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  1. Hi I have tried to download saves and I copy them over into GTA San Andreas User Files but when I go to load them in the game it brings me to the airport screen.I just paid for it on steam and downloaded it about an hour ago so its all up to date and I dont really know what I can do.Any help would defo be appreciated!!!
  2. caza182

    Cam Hack

    Try Re-installing Or try a differant hack
  3. caza182

    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    GTA:Liberty Lords Or GTA:Mafia Origins Or GTA:Yazuka Territories Tell Me What You Think Also There Cudd Be GTA:Revolutions COPYRIGHT 2009
  4. caza182

    Saves Not working need help!

    I mean like what do I patch because I've tried to patch alot of things and it just says nothing to patch
  5. caza182

    Saves Not working need help!

    Does anybody know where I put this patch after I download it
  6. caza182

    Saves Not working need help!

    Cool Thanks But where do I put the downgrader file after its downloaded