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  1. bigpipe

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Omg..... What is it for? what gaming console or computer? I dont care what happens im getting it.... I feel that vice city is the best gta game ever
  2. bigpipe

    The best Football player

    Many would claim that Jordan, Bird, Gretzky, Tyson and others are the best sports player ever. Who do you think is and why?
  3. bigpipe

    GTA VCS.

    Kung.. you seriously have little to no vision.. this was to organize a full 26 player gta3 server which hasnt happened far as Ive seen, then have a few admins around, and then try a few different type of events.. dodo challenges, etc etc.. team vs team... also down the road the same thing could be done with vice city.. half the city cops half the city robbers? That would be cool, and it isnt done every day. Perhaps I will organize one down the road.. there still may be a little get together this weekend but well have to see. Thats that.
  4. bigpipe

    gta vice city sotories

    requirement too high, dont ya think people would need cable modem or dsl to play vice city online, if people use 56k, that going to make the game lag Deimn guys! Black eyed peas - Boom boom pow has blowed my brain ))) try it and write me PM your mind)