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  1. Gerry-S

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    I think the flash should be re-introduced as a mix between the 2005 ford fiesta rs and the 2009 ford fiesta sport- i think your should be like more modern compact cars ,ecspecially more hot hatchbacks in the next gta Also I think the mesa should be re-introduced as the new jeep wrangler and that there should be like a porsche 911 gt2 named as a comet turbo or comet sport or something like that while there still is a normal comet http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-2008/nop...e-1920x1440.jpg I also think the club should be re-introduced aswell as a mix of a 2009 golf gti and a 2008 golf R32 http://itwildcats.net/wp-content/uploads/2...golf-gti-vi.jpg http://www.starvin4sport.0nyx.com/images/VW-Golf-R32.jpg there should also be a car based on the 2010 ford shelby gt500, maybe as a clover or something- http://sportscarnet.com/blog/wp-content/up...helby-gt500.jpg